Monday, April 29, 2013

Get Mom a Special Edition Mother's Day Chromax Gift Pack

Now 15% off with free shipping on orders over $50

(BOULDER, Colo.) - Chromax Golf, manufacturers and innovators of the patent-pending High Visibility Technology metallic finish golf balls, is offering a Special Edition Mother's Day Gift Pack at a 15 percent discount.

The six-pack of M1x titanium golf balls is uniquely packaged in a beautifully decorated yellow flowered box with Happy Mother's Day on the front. Plus receive free shipping on any order over $50.

Chromax Golf's high-energy core and patented dimple design optimize trajectory, distance and help minimize wayward shots for the recreational golfer. The special edition pack of 75 compression balls comes with six easy-to-see colors (silver, gold, orange, blue, pink and green) providing golfers with both style and performance. Chromax golf balls are approved by the USGA & the R & A.

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Inner Core
The 1.52-inch diameter high-energy large titanium core is made of a poly-butadiene rubber compound blend and molded to create superior feel, durability and elasticity.

Outer Cover
The translucent soft Durable Surlyn cover provides soft feel in and around the green. The ultra High Visibility Technology Metallic layer helps reflect sunlight providing excellent visibility in all lighting conditions allowing golfers to easily track the ball in flight and on the course. The illuminating color assists golfers in seeing the line and improves putting.

Dimple Design
The patented 432-dimple design optimizes trajectory, distance and spin while providing optimal control.


Price and Availability:
Available now, discounted retail price of $16.96.

Blue, green, orange, pink, gold and silver


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