Thursday, April 18, 2013

Loudmouth Unveils Pin-Up Girl Design for 2013

Aloha Girls, Loudmouth's first pin-up girl pants, were hugely popular. Loudmouth customers, both men and women, have been enjoying these girly designs ever since. The company may have outdone itself this time, however, with “Island Girls.” Don’t miss out on these, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Springtime is SHIRTtime

When people think “Loudmouth” they think of outstanding pants. But Loudmouth has always offered the widest variety of the brightest shirt colors, too. They have to. They couldn’t leave it up to another shirt company to make available a bright pink shirt to go with our Shagadelic Pink pants. Think about it, where else can you buy a brown golf shirt these days? Well, you can HERE. Kelly Green is the “new” designer color this year and Loudmouth has had it in stock for a year now. The Essentials, the stylish Jewels, and the fun Fancies ... they’re great shirts too.


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