Friday, September 25, 2015

Women on the Green Mean Business in the Boardroom

Female golfers are on the rise and Golf Women Mean Business is providing a unique and engaging resource to help those numbers soar

(Atlanta, GA) - What do you get when you put together a group of women who play golf and network on the green? “The answer is Golf Women Mean Business,” says Founder and CEO Patrina King. The one year old Atlanta based organization has recently opened two additional locations in Charlotte North Carolina and Washington D.C. GWMB serves as an innovative model to inspire women entrepreneurs and career professionals to play a sport and engage in business opportunities. King refers to this as learning how to play “outside” the box.

“We teach women the concepts of golf and how to use it for business purposes. Our goal is to strengthen business acumen and help women master the art of connecting and networking in a non-intimidating environment,” she added. King has been playing golf since she was seven years old. She has a passion for helping break the barriers for business women who are intimidated in the world of golf. The organization has monthly events that include golf clinics, networking opportunities and educational training.

According to Berkley Golf Consulting, at the end of 2013, there were 4.7 million women golfers over the age of 18. There were 15.8 million male golfers during this same period. Women increased and men decreased since 2013.

GWMB has recently engaged Abigale Schepperle as one of its newest teaching professionals. Schepperle is a four time state champion and two time individual champion. She is a graduate of Auburn University and earned a full athletic scholarship to Auburn University. While there, she was a part of two SEC Championship teams, and Auburn was ranked top ten in the nation her four years of attendance. Schepperle is also a player Development Director, Certified US Kids Instructor and will be providing lessons to GWMB members.

"I am very excited for the opportunity to team up with GWMB. I was previously in the banking industry for seven years before I decided to teach full time and I had always been trying to find a way to incorporate a way for people to understand the benefit of being able to golf in the business world. The only way that we as women are going to grow the game is to get involved. We should never feel intimidated to try something new or experience something different. I look forward to being able to motivate others to step outside of the box and give the game a chance," said Schepperle.

To find out more information about GWMB and its membership, visit


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