Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Carnoustie Sportswear Launches Spring '16 Men's Performance Polos

(IRVINE, CA) - Golf apparel manufacturer Carnoustie Sportswear has introduced its Spring '16 men's performance polos.  The popular company has built its reputation for producing beautiful, high-end cotton golf clothing for the past two decades, and began addressing the sportswear performance side of golf apparel a few seasons ago. Carnoustie Performance apparel is appropriate for the course, office or most any social occasion. Styles feature generous use of spandex for stretch and wearability and special finishing to ensure moisture wicking, UV protection, odor management and easy care.

These  new Performance Knits for 2016 feel like silk but are actually made from a very fine micro polyester. This new product category exemplifies the same luxury and quality that golfers have come to expect from the brand's cotton garments. "Our performance knits have really taken hold since their Spring '14 debut, and the market reaction has been very strong," says company CEO Marshall Mancillas. "All performance fabric is not created equal, and we made a considerable effort to fundamentally understand man-made fibers. We knew we had to offer a technical product that was commensurate with our reputation in cotton. Many variables contribute to the feel, drape and technical characteristics of performance garments, and we only offer the finest quality available -- using only the best micro poly available and always blending it with generous amounts of lycra, for just the right amount of stretch and wearability. Our customers like that while much of the styling is responsive to today's trends, our shirts still evoke a classic, timeless and refined aesthetic."

The Spring '16 Performance Polos fall into three distinct merchandise groups for 2016, including the Classic, Resort and Desert collections, each with its own unique feeling. All feature Micro Poly with Spandex, Moisture Wicking, Anti-Microbial, UV Protection and Easy Care.

The Classic collection centers on the American colors of red, white and blue evoking a patriotic feel, perfect for Fourth of July and very important for 2016, a Ryder Cup year. The Resort collection, which features black, white, yellow and a wonderful shade of daiquiri green, is perfect for transitioning into the Spring 2016 season. This group says Spring has sprung!  The colors are fresh and smart. Lastly, the Desert collection, which focuses on orchid purple and citrus orange, conveys that it's time for fun in the sun. These colors are fun and bright yet they are combined in Carnoustie's signature fashion to make them wearable and understandable. Mancillas says, "men can wear color if it's done correctly.  Carnoustie has developed a reputation through the years of using beautiful colors that uniquely combine to be at once impactful yet tasteful."

It is interesting to note the styling intricacies that Carnoustie brings to every collection.  Mancillas stated, "the use of self collars and placket detailing can do a great deal to update the look of today's polo. I am having fun going retro. As a designer it is always inspirational to look at the past and reinvent it for present...much of the styling we see today is grounded in the looks of the 70's."

"Carnoustie's Spring '16 Performance Knits merchandise seamlessly with the balance of the collection, so that our customers can offer a cohesive merchandise group that contains not only timeless mercerized cotton, and other natural fibers, but also the best in what is available on the performance side -- with all of the wearability features today's customer demands," states Mancillas.

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