Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Review: Golf Etiquette Book a Great Reminder

Wayne Mills

With all the negative commentary going around about the game of golf - the hole is too small, it takes too long, it costs too much, etc. - it’s nice to be reminded of the positive aspects of the game.

A new publication titled “Golf Etiquette Quick Reference” by Yves C. Ton-That reminds us that golf is a polite game with respect for your fellow golfers paramount in conducting yourself on and around the golf course.

Other sports tacitly approve of bad behavior and “If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying” is the rally cry.  Penalties are called on every other play in the NFL and NBA and fist fights break out at NASCAR races, but golf still maintains its integrity and high standards of respecting the game, the rules and the etiquette of interacting with other golfers.

"Etiquette on and around the golf course is crucial, and is just as important as the rules of play to ensure that you play the game in the proper spirit," says Ton-That, who also penned "Trouble Shots and Quick Fix Guide" in his career as an author. "When you're in the company of seasoned golfers, or invited to play a private club, saying or doing even one thing incorrectly can make the difference of not being invited back. And with a little preparation and knowledge, you can avoid most any potentially embarrassing.”

Although much of the content should be known to avid golfers, it serves as a great reminder since we all tend to get a little lax over time. It would be a great gift for the new or prospective golfer and would be a great handout at clubs at the beginning of the season or for tournaments. The books can be personalized with a club name or tournament title with a minimum purchase.

Golf Etiquette comes in a handy pocket sized spiral booklet with tabs on heavy stock paper. Its text and illustrations are simple and clear and cover the gamut from definitions, clothing, payment, first tee, on-course behavior, post round and even thunderstorms, lightning and emergency first aide. Just about any situation that could come up is covered.

The 48-page, spiral-bound and plastic-coated book is now available in good golfshops and at, for $12.95 (ISBN 978-3-909596-77-5, Artigo Publishing International, 1st edition 2014).

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