Monday, September 14, 2015

Product Review: Antigua Desert Dry Performance Collection

There is a time and a place for wearing a golf shirt. The time: Tee time. The place: A golf course. When I see a guy wearing a golf shirt at a restaurant, I figure he has two collared shirts - one for golf and one for church.

I’ve got a large closet and it’s packed with clothing. Whether I’m going to the gym, working in the garage, date night with my beautiful bride, or playing golf ... I’m covered. A shirt for everything and everything has a shirt.

Now, however, Antigua is blurring my lines with their Desert Dry Performance Cotton collection (D2PC).

Like other golfers who played in the 80s and earlier, I wore cotton golf shirts. They looked and felt fine at the beginning of the round, but getting into the heat of the afternoon made swinging in them more of a challenge than a buried lie in the bunker.

Cotton absorbs moisture quickly, but doesn’t release the moisture like synthetic micro-filament fibers do.

Antigua’s answer? Engineering fabrics utilizing synthetic micro-filament yarns and blending them with fine natural cotton fibers. The result is D2PC - a soft, comfortable shirt with the ability to wick away moisture. Terrific!

I’ve considered clothing a valuable piece of equipment for years. Trying to hit any shot with an ill-fitting or sweat-drenched shirt is a recipe for disaster. Now Antigua has broadened the apparel choice - the popular micro-fiber golf shirt or their new performance cotton. Either way, you won’t be restricted during your swing and you’ll look great doing it.

The tagline for this collection is “Where Technology Meets Nature.” I like that, but prefer this other nugget included with the shirt - “On your best day playing with your best friends in the best weather ... wear the best golf performance apparel available” Well played, Antigua.

Check out all Antigua has to offer HERE.

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