Friday, September 25, 2015

What is Monsta Golf? I'm Learning

I received an e-mail this morning from Monsta Golf. If you’re on social media, you’re probably familiar with the brand. The company is now offering customization to their three-piece, cast urethane ball. You can now add a logo, photo, initials, etc.

Being a fan of the “indi-golf” movement, I looked into the company a little more and chatted with one of the owners - Ken - on the phone. Love the idea and passion behind Monsta Golf!

Here’s a bit from their “About Us” page:
Monsta Golf started as an idea back in the spring of 2013 by two working dads from Boston who love the game of golf. Dave and Ken, the founders of Monsta Golf, realize(like most of us) the key to an exceptional golf game is consistency and the short game. Money is in the short game, as we all know. Using the same golf ball while honing your skills is an important factor in being consistent. Almost every brand of golf ball performs differently, especially around the greens. This causes variations in accuracy and performance. Some golf balls are for distance, some for spin. The top performing brands currently on the market that are constructed to do both, retail for $48/dozen or more. Golf can be expensive enough!

We need to create a pro performance golf ball that’s affordable, so it can be used every round you play. Allowing  the development of  a more consistant game and control around the greens. In addition, we don’t want to cringe every time we lose a $4-$5 ball in the woods.” (Yes, this will probably happen no matter what ball you use!)

Fast forward a year later and Monsta Golf is born.

What started out as conversation on the golf course, is now a reality. We believe our 3-piece cast urethane golf ball is a premium performance golf ball without the premium price. The Monsta golf ball is affordable, bringing accuracy and constancy to your game along with superb spin and control off your lofted clubs. Money is in the short game!

If you want to learn more, check out the website: or follow on Twitter @monstagolf.

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