Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Introducing Avid Golf’s Swedge Golf Training Aid

(Edgewater, MD) — The Swedge is a quality training product that many golfers can use to help correct one of the oldest issues in golf, the “Flying Elbow."

That's why Avid Golf announced that the Swedge received the “Seal of Excellence” from GolfTest USA and is recognized to be a dedicated golf swing tool for performing one of the oldest drills in golf to help relieve the flying elbow habit that so many golfers struggle with. For two years, LPGA Teaching Professional, Winnie Sewell and Amateur Golfer, Dana Clark worked together to research and develop the Swedge which serves as a surprisingly effective training aid for the drill in which it is intended.

Today, the Swedge is making its way onto college campuses supporting men’s and women’s golf teams and is used by many golf instructors to help players focus attention on keeping their arm in the proper position; thus, correcting many swing flaws simultaneously.

Overall, the Swedge is a small angular shaped pillow with two flat edges and one rounded to provide an effective positioning underneath the arm. The Swedge is made of water-resistant durable nylon and is available in three colors. An added convenient feature of the Swedge is that it comes with a carabineer clip so that it can clip right on to the golf bag and is ready to use at all times. Golfers can order the Swedge online for $19.99 and receive free shipping for a limited time at www.avidgolfusa.com.

To inquire about golf tournament sponsorship opportunities, call Dana Clark at Avid Golf at 1-703-203-4102 or e-mail dclark@avidgolfusa.com.

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