Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DST Golf Compressor Used by Winner of Porsche European Open

Also Used by Seven Top-10 Finishers at the TOUR Championship

(SALISBURY, England) – DST Golf – developer and manufacturer of ground breaking warm-up clubs that benefit players of all skill levels – confirms the top three finishers at the Porsche European Open and seven of the top-10 contenders at the TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola relied on DST Compressor clubs to prepare for tournament play.

Success among players using DST Golf’s Compressor continues to grow, as recent noteworthy wins include the RBC Canadian Open, Italian Open, Omega European Masters and the BMW Championship. This season alone marks a total of 25 Tour wins and multiple top finishes by players who trust the science behind the company’s products.

“It’s important for us to connect with the players on the range and hear from them how the technology incorporated into the Compressor helps them strike the ball better,” said Richard Massey, VP of Operations for DST Golf in the United States. “This week, we’ve had six new players pick up our clubs. They may be sponsored by different club manufacturers, but on the range the Compressor unites them in their mission to play better.”

The Compressor is designed with a scientifically-curved shaft and an amended sole angle to help players of all abilities locate, train and perfect the Optimal Impact Position. The club can be used in conjunction with a teaching lesson or as a warm-up club to spur the correct muscle memory of where the hands, shoulders and hips should be aligned at impact. The concept is simple yet effective, a fact underscored by 17 of the world’s top 30 players using DST Golf clubs.

“We recognize that for all players, the hard work starts on the range. Our clubs are designed to teach complicated swing mechanics in a simple, straightforward way,” says Bertie Cordle, founder and CEO of DST Golf. “With a look and feel similar to a normal club, the Compressor shows you how to compress and strike the ball the proper way with each swing.”

The curved shaft of the Compressor is engineered to replicate the shape of a normal shaft in the optimal impact position. This unique design helps golfers learn how to control the club face through impact and compress the ball, which leads to improved consistency, control and accuracy. The “Hand Position Alignment Marker” ensures proper setup and allows players to see and feel what the Optimal Impact Position looks like before taking a swing.

Developed by a former European Challenge Tour player after years of research on the biomechanics of impact, the DST Compressor teaches the golfer two things: how to swing the club on plane and how to maintain tension in the shaft until after impact. These are the two critical aspects to achieve better ball striking, control, consistency and accuracy.

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