Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Product Review: Bettinardi BB1 Counterbalance Putter

Like most golfers, I struggle to find consistent success on the greens. But when inconsistency turns to near-constant failure, it’s time to turn to a new putter. In my case, I put the BB8 by Bettinardi Golf in play and experienced a startling turnaround.

While the magic I found in the BB8 has yet to fade, when I was offered an opportunity to review the BB1 Counterbalance putter from Bettinardi, I jumped at the chance.

First impression: Aesthetically pleasing. Even before taking the putter out of the plastic, I was smitten - from the striking red grip to the stylish headcover. Hard to not judge this “book” by its cover!

Headcover off and putter in hand ... this is not your father’s putter. The BB1 is 38 inches - three inches longer than the top of the standard putter length (generally 33-35 inches) - and heavy. Weight is added by extending the shaft and grip by 3 inches, which adds 42 additional grams. The putter head is increased by the same amount (42 grams) to 395 grams to counter the weight on each end of the putter ... hence, counterbalancing.

Why counterbalance? These putters move the balance point of the club closer to the hands of the player, while increasing the putter’s overall moment of inertia (MOI) so it swings and feels more stable than a traditional putter.

Bettinardi offers three models in the counterbalancing arsenal: The BB1 for traditionalists, the BB32 for mallet lovers, and for those looking for the most forgiving head the company offers, the BB55, a distinctive MOI putter.

Seems silly to mention, but I feel I must provide this piece of advice. When testing a 38-inch putter, people seem compelled to stand upright and use every inch of the grip. Don’t. Assume your normal position and allow the extra length do its job.

Another piece of advice: Find a Bettinardi dealer and take the BB1 for a spin. It may change the way you think about putting. Not ready for the leap into counterbalancing? I guarantee Bettinardi has a putter that will make you fall in love on the greens all over again.

Check out everything the company has to offer at www.bettinardi.com.


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