Saturday, September 12, 2015

Poll Results: Do you drink alcohol while playing golf?

When I decided to ask “Do you drink alcohol while playing golf?” I knew the extremes would be the most interesting numbers. After all, “always” and “never” are powerful words. I figured “sometimes” would be the runaway winner. Wrong assumption.

Here are the results:
* Always - 12%
* Never - 41%
* Sometimes - 47%

I fall in the “sometimes” category. While I don’t get carried away - even when outings provide all-you-can-drink beer - I’ll have a couple from time to time. More times than not, however, I stick with water or an energy drink.

+Edward Perez seems to agree with me: “Depends who I'm playing with. When I go home and play with my old friends yes. When I play with the guys from work, it’s a no because we really try to beat each other.”

Similarly, +Jason Thompson is a “sometimes” with alcohol: “It all depends on who I am playing with and if it is [competitive] golf then no or just a casual round with friends I’d have 1 or 2”

For +Katherine Cornelius, weather plays a factor: “Yep, beer on a hot day.”

+Peter M joked: “In fact I am usually the provider!”

I think +DUN DEAL was joking when they wrote: “I'm hammered by 15.”

+Tommy Denson provided a good reason to not drink while playing: “Seen way too many bad things on the course to do this. Cart wrecks, friendships damaged, etc. Why ruin a great day?”

+Tom Augustine and +Kevin Smith moved from the “sometimes” to “never” categories.

“No I have done that in the past and it ruins my game,” Augustine wrote.

And for Smith: “Once I was having the round of my year, drank a beer and it all went sideways. So from then on I don't drink and golf.”

+Vipul Gidda takes a Zen approach: “I like to have my mind sober and clear to execute the different shots a course requires. Drinks are to be had post round.”

+Jeremy Black shouted: “NEVER!! I go to the course to play golf.”

And for +Darrell Williams ... “Never, as I do not drink!”

Makes perfect sense. Why drink on the course if you don’t drink off it?

+skpknight channeled his inner Adam Ant when answering: “No, don't drink, don't smoke, but I do cuss occasionally.”

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