Thursday, April 20, 2017

Product Review: Orange Whip Trainer

I had been seeing something odd in a lot of Tour bags in recent months. You’d see it too, if you watch Tour players on the range. It looks like an orange at the end of a driver shaft. Upon further review, it’s the Orange Whip Trainer.

We now know what it is, but how about why ... As in, “Why are so many people using this thing on the range?” Two words - rhythm and tempo. The Orange Whip promotes a rhythmic swing that dials in your tempo. Tighten up and swing too hard with the Trainer and it’ll pull you off balance.

Counter balanced grip
Think Ernie Els. The Big Easy generates so much power with a seemingly effortless motion. That’s how you feel when swinging the Orange Whip. Relax and allow the club to help you groove a more-athletic swing motion. Too quick or “herky-jerky” and you’ll know right away.

The Orange Whip Trainer is much heavier than your driver, so it’s perfect for loosening your larger golf muscles before a round. And there’s a counter balance on the grip end, as well, which helps you hinge your wrists at the top of the swing and unhinge at the release.

I’ve already mentioned rhythm and tempo, but just as important is balance. Maintain your balance with the Orange Whip and you’ll benefit greatly when using your actual clubs throughout a round.

Included with the Orange Whip Trainer is a game improvement workout routine. These three exercises - Torso Twist, Hinging Forearm Rotation and Full Swing - will help you synch your upper and lower body, effectively release the club, and learn your most athletic swing to date ... all while enhancing rhythm, tempo and balance.

Orange Whip offers three sizes for adults - the Trainer, which is similar to a driver; the Mid-Size, comparable to a long iron; and the Compact, about the length of a short iron and perfect for indoor use. Length also affects the arc of your swing - longer for a flatter swing and shorter for a more-upright swing. These three each cost $109. There’s also a Junior Orange Whip, recommended for ages 6-12, that sells for $99.

Orange Peel base
One thing I may want to invest in - in conjunction with the Orange Whip Trainer - is the Orange Peel ($179). This base promotes a rotational swing and eliminates “swaying,” which I’ve struggled with for years.

I’ve only just begun my journey with the Orange Whip Trainer, but I'm looking forward to having the best season in recent memory. While it won’t help me read the greens (my other bugaboo), my balance and rhythm will be on point in 2017.

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Nels Nelson said...

I always carry my orange whip in my trunk so I can loosen up even if I am not going to golf. It really helps with muscle memory also.