Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Product Review: EZTee by Synthetic Turf International

I love spending time at the driving range, but don’t enjoy hitting off carpet. It’s just not realistic and doesn’t provide the same feedback as natural grass. And using those rubber tees is ridiculous. They’re never at the right height.

That said, we’ve all been to the range when the ground is rock hard or you struggle to find any actual grass from which to hit ... It’s all been dug into dirt!

Enter EZTee by Synthetic Turf International. Their tee line system offers the best of both worlds ... the look and feel of grass with the durability of synthetic turf. Our prayers have been answered.

Not only can you hit off the surface and receive feedback similar to grass, but you can also insert an actual wooden tee into it. No more rubber tubes!

While golfers enjoy the benefits, it’s golf course management or driving range operators who reap the rewards. They are able to keep their ranges open while natural grass areas are closed for the winter months or during periods of inclement weather, while maintenance is being performed, or while the grass is simply trying to heal after heavy use or regular wear and tear.

For operators, EZTee allows for increased range rotation flexibility and reduced maintenance costs. For golfers, the look and feel of natural grass and ability to use an actual wooden tee. That sounds like a win-win. I may look into resurfacing my entire yard with EZTee by Synthetic Turf International!

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