Thursday, April 20, 2017

FlingGolf Celebrates Its Third Season

(BOSTON) – The future of the fairway is here. FlingGolf is a dynamic new sport where players fling a golf ball on a golf course with a lacrosse looking FlingStick. The lightweight FlingStick is used to shape shots on the course and glide the ball into the hole.

Unlike other alternative golf concepts, FlingGolf works seamlessly with traditional golf. There are no changes needed to the golf course and FlingGolfers can play side-by-side with regular golfers. New players get to experience the same game, feel included and learn in a fun, non-threatening way.

“I saw snowboarding inject a new energy and spirit to the snow industry and revive many resorts and retailers globally,” said Mike Abbott, former COO of Burton Snowboards and advisor to FlingGolf.

“FlingGolf, because it is fun and exciting to play, is attracting a new and younger generation of players and having that same effect on golf courses.”

FlingGolf uses one stick and follows the same rules and scoring as golf. Throw the ball from the tee marker, mark your ball where it lies in the fairway, and fling your next shot towards the green. Once on the green, simply place the ball in the putting notch and glide the ball towards the hole.

“FlingGolf is growing rapidly across the country and internationally,” said Alex Van Alen, Founder of PlusOne Sports/FlingGolf. “It brings the snowboard effect to golf courses where new, young players are creating more action, more rounds and more revenue. It’s exciting to watch a whole new generation having fun on a golf course alongside traditional golfers.”

For those who like lacrosse, baseball, or hockey and a more active style of play, FlingGolf delivers. It’s family-friendly, great for kids and attracts golfers and non-golfers alike. FlingGolf teaches the fundamentals and essence of the game while providing players a complementary and natural pathway to traditional golf.  

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