Friday, April 28, 2017

Getting to Know: Greg Thorner, Owner of Get Golf Schools

American Golfer: When did you start playing golf?
Greg Thorner: I started when I was 5. Growing up in Detroit my father got me hooked. By the time I got to 7th grade I was riding my bike 3 miles to the course, playing all day and then riding home. No way I could do that now!

Greg Thorner
AG: How did you become a golf professional?
GT: Just fell into it. After college, golf was all I knew and wanted ... So I started working at the local muni. So glad nothing else came knocking on my door!

AG: How did you come up with the concept of #Break30?
GT: Just looking to create a way to measure results. It is not the best barometer because it is so influenced by how many greens hit in regulation. But for the average golfer it is a solid way to measure your game from 50 yards to the hole.

AG: What’s your favorite thing about being a golf professional?
GT: I love the game, love the business, love people. So this is a great fit.

AG: What’s the most common mistake amateur golfers make on the course?
GT: I stress three things in our playing schools:
  1) Know your yardage. So many players think they hit it further than they do.
  2) Play more break in putts than you think. I see so many under-reads on the green.
  3) Learn random practice. Less (Not zero) block practice. We see golfers hit 7 irons for 30 min. We like switching clubs every three shots.

AG: How can we grow the game of golf?
GT: Look at the Topgolf model. I walked in the door and they hit me with a pass from 20 yards with a nerf football. Nothing stuffy about Topgolf! Make it fun and affordable.

AG: Is there a shot you dread?
GT: Any long iron shot. Teaching mainly short game stuff I work hard on that part of golf. Full swing, not as much. So I have a bag full of fairway woods and hybrids.

AG: What’s your “dream foursome” (living or dead, golfer or non-golfer)?
GT: Anything with my dad and son. I would probably add my late uncle Tom Bower to this as well. If I were to select no relatives - Woods, Hogan and Nicklaus. Best three ever!

AG: What course tops your “bucket list” to play?
GT: Played most of the best. Been very fortunate. It would be repeat, but Sankaty Head is my favorite in the world!

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