Friday, April 21, 2017

Introducing Beltology in Motion: New Golf Initiative from the Leading Stretch Woven Belt Brand

(New York, NY) - Men’s accessories brand Beltology is thrilled to announce Beltology in Motion: a new initiative bringing signature stretch woven belts to golfers across the country.

Beltology is a digitally native belt brand that designs and manufactures modern, expressive belts interwoven with flex, allowing for maximum comfort and flexibility, whether you’re at work or playing golf. Beltology styles are researched and tested; they meld style and science, giving serious players the perfect stretch for the perfect backswing. They also don’t have set holes, allowing adjustability after the 19th hole as well.

In recent years, golfers and non-golfers alike have flocked to Beltology for its versatile styles, all-day comfort and modern materials. We even have some PGA Tour players who wear the belt on and off the golf course.

Each belt features premium (and often unexpected) materials and thoughtful details: a classic woven strap, leather trimming, and a custom buckle — all meticulously hatched with function in mind. The Litmus -- a stretch full-leather belt in a range of neutrals -- encapsulates Beltology meticulous attention to detail, craftsmanship and premium materials. By melding unmatched performance and unparalleled style, Beltology presents a superior golf belt.

“Golf is a natural fit! Traditional golf belts haven’t seen an upgrade in years. As golf fashion continues to develop and refine, belts have remained an afterthought or a very loud statement. Beltology belts give you the comfort and performance of an athletic belt with the versatility and sophistication of a luxury piece.” -- Andrew Heffernan, Founder and CEO of Beltology

The collection is available exclusively at and at select pro shops across the country. Prices range from $60 to $85.

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