Tuesday, February 24, 2015

TaylorMade Golf Company Funds Hack to Jack Golf Reality Show through HackGolf Initiative

(CARLSBAD, Calif.) – TaylorMade Golf Company announced today the selection of the Hack to Jack golf reality show as their initial supported initiative for HackGolf.

TaylorMade Golf Company, with support of the PGA of America, launched the HackGolf initiative last January to help make golf more fun and grow global interest and participation in the game. By the selection of the Hack to Jack Reality Show, HackGolf has officially begun supporting initiatives targeted toward achieving these goals.

“Of more than 1,700 ideas submitted last year on HackGolf.org, the Hack to Jack golf reality show concept received the most votes, social media engagement and support from the HackGolf community,” said Ben Sharpe, CEO of TaylorMade Golf Company. “We are excited to help advance this unique golf reality show concept and see it as a global platform for testing many of the ideas that people from around the world have contributed to help make golf more fun.”

“It was really an experiment to see what would happen if we gave average golfers a chance to be on a local golf reality show,” said creator and Executive Producer Kevin Unterreiner. “People loved the idea of improving their game & fitness by doing fun skills challenges and on-course games.”

Unterreiner, who came up with the idea while sitting on his couch scanning through reality shows on his family’s DVR, is no stranger to the golf community, having run over 1,000 golf events since 1998.

“When we passed two million views in only 12 weeks, I knew we were on to something and quickly realized that a reality show opportunity that average golfers could be a part of might be the next big thing in golf,” says Kevin Unterreiner.

In their first season last summer, the Hack to Jack show chose 20 finalists who completed a 12 week program of golf instruction, fitness training, golf skills challenges and never-before seen on-course contests.

The Hack to Jack show plans to launch local golf reality shows in cities all across the world and create a global community of passionate golfers who enjoy gathering and playing golf in a non-intimidating and fun environment.

Filming for Season 2 begins in March. To apply to be a contestant on an upcoming season, participate in local Hack to Jack events, or to submit your product or service to be featured in upcoming episodes, go to www.HackToJack.com.

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