Friday, February 20, 2015

Product Review: Mizzen+Main

Today’s golfer is a far cry from the fashion-challenged players from a generation ago. Gone are the ill-fitted cotton polos and pleated khakis. In their place are performance fabrics designed to work with the swing - not competing with it.

A large part of the technology that goes into the best golf shirts on the market today is moisture control. It’s hard enough to play golf in ideal conditions, while a sweat-soaked top compounds the difficulty. Now, Mizzen+Main is borrowing this concept and incorporating it into a stylish line of shirts to be worn off the golf course.

The idea for a moisture wicking dress shirt was born on a hot, summer day. A staffer in a sweaty dress shirt stood out in an important meeting for all the wrong reasons. There was an alternative and Mizzen+Main jumped on the opportunity.

We looked at the Faulkner dress shirt with spread collar and the Huron henley. Both breathe incredibly well and keep you cooler, regardless of the situation. They wick away moisture, won’t show sweat and remain wrinkle free throughout the day - extremely important whether you’re at the office, the club or out for dinner and drinks. And forget about the hassle and expense of dry cleaning: Toss them in the washing machine and hang ‘em to dry. Also, the henley features sewn-in loops inside the sleeve for easy rolling without annoying slippage.

OK ... Mizzen+Main shirts look great and feel great. Need another reason to check them out for yourself? We’ll give you two: They’re proudly made in the United States AND a percentage of every shirt supports wounded veterans and their families. That’s right; Mizzen+Main donates a percentage of all shirts to wounded veterans and their families and is pioneering an innovative job experience program for veterans called "A Shirt for a Start."

You go to great lengths to look good on the golf course. Mizzen+Main will help you look incredible off the course while supporting our veterans. Every shirt sold has a direct impact on your appearance and a veteran’s life.

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