Thursday, February 26, 2015

David Leadbetter's Four Tips for Choosing Sunglasses to Enhance Your Golf Game

(NEWSLETTER) - David Leadbetter is an internationally recognized expert in golf training and he knows how to be successful as an amateur or a professional. David has a strong belief that golfers of all ages should do everything possible to protect their health when on the golf course. That means stretching before playing, wearing sunscreen and wearing the right sunglasses.

Recently, David Leadbetter was asked what sunglasses he felt were ideal for golfers around the world and he recommends the Callaway line of eyewear with Neox technology. In a recent discussion about Callaway's line of eyewear, David Leadbetter gave his four tips for choosing the sunglasses that will fit your game perfectly.

1. Choose sunglasses that you will wear all of the time
"These are so comfortable and easy to use that I forget that I am wearing them," David Leadbetter recently commented on Callaway eyewear. It is extremely important that golfers get into the habit of leaving their sunglasses for the entire time they are in the sun. In the same way that sunscreen protects the golfer's skin; Callaway sunglasses will protect the eyes from the sun's rays.

2. Choose sunglasses featuring the latest advancements
The Neox technology in the Callaway line of sunglasses creates a field of vision that looks, as David Leadbetter puts it, "like a high definition television." Instead of darkening the field of vision, these specially designed lenses filter the sun's rays and create a clear picture of what the golfer faces. With the Callaway glasses, the golfer will see every hazard, every dogleg and every sand trap that stands in their way. As David Leadbetter said, the transition lenses are "one step up in the evolution of lens technology and offer subtle, but noticeable, advantages."

Callaway also offers the Neox line of golfer sunglasses with transition technology as well. These are intelligent lenses that automatically adjust to the sun's rays to make sure that the field of vision is always clear. The Callaway glasses protect a golfer's eyes from long-term damage, while offering the kind of precise definition that a golfer needs to make each shot count.

3. Choose sunglasses made specifically for golfers
Standard sunglasses work in most situations because they darken the field of view and reduce glare. But when you are out on the golf course, you cannot have your field of view darkened because you need to see every hazard and challenge in your way. That is another reason why David Leadbetter recommends the Callaway line of eyewear.

"These new glasses make everything look like a high-definition television," David commented. The technology behind the Callaway lenses  filters out sun and leaves a clear, crisp image behind. These are sunglasses made specifically for golfers and that is why the Callaway eyewear is the ideal solution for the weekend golfer, the active amateur or the touring professional.

4. Choose sunglasses that fit your style
David Leadbetter feels it is important to know that choosing the right sunglasses is "more than just fashion, it is about health as well." But in this day and age of the young golfers making their impact on the game, fashion and style do matter. That is why the Callaway line of eyewear comes in a variety of designs and styles that will fit your personal tastes. No matter what kind of statement you are looking to make on the course, the Callaway line of eyewear has the look that you need.

World-renowned golf instructor David Leadbetter has said a great deal about the Callaway line of eyewear. But the bottom line is that Callaway offers a product that will protect the health of a golfer, improve the golfer's game and give the golfer an advantage over the competition. When it comes right down to it, those are the real reasons why David Leadbetter recommends that you get a pair of Callaway Neox sunglasses today.

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