Friday, July 18, 2014

Product Review: Devereux Golf

It’s not uncommon to read the words “from the runway to the fairway” in reference to golf apparel. Gone are the days of ill-fitting polos. We’re living in a fashion-forward era where looking good on the course is much easier than having a game to match.

In 2013, brothers Robert and Will Brunner introduced the world to Devereux - proper threads to fit today’s lifestyle while keeping golfers in style and authentic. In a collection graced with simple-yet-sophisticated pieces that boast clean, modern styles, American Golfer took a closer look at The Jahan and The William.

If the Golden Era of golf comes to mind while looking at Devereux’s offerings, that’s no mistake. While not a child of that time, Robert, the Creative Director, holds the legends of that era in high esteem - drawing from their aura and looking to recreate that mystique in this collection.

But the vibe is more than golf at Devereux. There’s influence from what designers are creating in Tokyo, Paris and Milan fused into this golf apparel. Inspiration from on and off the course adds an element to Devereux that is unique to the golf world.

The Jahan - offered in multiple color options with both white and steel as the base - is a conservative print with an elegance suited for any region of the country. It’s simple versatility would be just as welcome at the beach as it is on the greens.

The William goes beyond what is generally seen at the course. Today’s sophistication is on full display in this nicely tailored shirt. While the button-down collar and pocket suggest a formal feel, a pair of broad stripes across the chest provide a casual element.

Aesthetics are obviously important in the look-good/play good world of today’s golf fashion, but performance must trump appearance. Made of a 65/35 blend of Pima Cotton and Polyester, both styles not only feel great immediately, but also wear well over the course of several washings. Devereux gracefully walks the fine line of comfort under the arms, where not enough room can feel restrictive, while too much can be cumbersome and look boxy.

Golfers looking for performance and style would be wise to check out all Devereux has to offer at


Ramblin' Newspaper Boy said...

Totally agree with the idea that "gone are the days of ill-fitting polos." There is really no need, with the plethora of great apparel options on the market today, that anyone should be wearing golf clothing that isn't suited to their style, fit, and needs.

Devereux is one of the brands that makes the modern golfing landscape exciting, and it's great that you guys had the chance to review their clothing. Did you have a favorite between the Jahan and the William?

Blogger said...

Loved the look and feel of both, but the versatility of the William - button-down collar under a sweater, for instance - may give it a slight edge. Interested to see what the future holds for Devereux.