Thursday, July 31, 2014

LPGA Professional, Christie Quinn, Brings Discover Your Swing! to Riverwalk Golf Performance Center

(SAN DIEGO, CA) – Christie Quinn, LPGA Class A Performance Coach, announces Riverwalk Golf Performance Center will be the home for Discover Your Swing! ( Discover Your Swing! is Quinn’s trademarked brand that coins her niche for teaching.  This niche is a philosophy to assist every golfer to find and embrace their unique swing.

Whether you’re self-taught or a well-trained golfer, Discover Your Swing! is a philosophy defined as a series of transformations for anyone.  Quinn is on a mission to help students of all levels access the body they have, know and understand it’s ranges of motion, and decide if or how they can develop a plan to transform.

“I’ve had many instructors over the years but none have been able to help me improve my game as much as Christie,” said Mary Lynn Slattery, former DYS student. “She can be very technical but explains the how and why of the techniques in ways that are easy to grasp.  Not only does she help you with your game on the course, but also provides exercises for improving balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.”

To book a lesson with Christie and Discover Your Swing! at Riverwalk Golf Performance Center, go to this link and type in the instructor’s name, Christie Quinn, on the home page. Riverwalk Golf Performance Center is located in San Diego, CA at 1150 Fashion Valley Road San Diego, CA 92108. Reservations are strongly recommended as there are limited times available.

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