Tuesday, July 8, 2014

adidas Golf Releases Final Episode of Popular Innovations Video Series

Dustin Johnson and Sport Science Host John Brenkus Return to the Lab to Observe the Effects of the Golf Swing on the Human Body

(Carlsbad, Calif.) – adidas Golf, an industry leader in innovation, technology and performance footwear and apparel, has announced the release of the sixth and final episode in the popular “adidas Golf Innovations” video series. In the concluding episode, adidas Golf Tour staff professional Dustin Johnson returns to the lab for the final time, partaking in select demonstrations with John Brenkus to highlight how wearing apparel with puremotion technology adapts to the body’s movement and stretching of skin throughout the golf swing.

To visually demonstrate how the skin behaves during the golf swing, the eight-time PGA TOUR winner was first observed hitting balls while wearing traditional apparel. He then participated in the same exercise with sensors applied to his back to reveal the amount of stretch his skin experiences during the golf swing. Due to the remarkably high torque his body generates during his golf swing, Johnson has worked closely with the adidas Golf team to develop the puremotion line with flex-rib panels on the shoulder or back that enhance freedom of movement and reduce restriction experienced during the swing for all golfers.

Click here to view the sixth and final video on adidas Golf’s YouTube page. To learn more about the revolutionary puremotion technology worn by Dustin Johnson in this video and to view the entire puremotion apparel line, visit adidasgolf.com.

Brenkus, six-time Emmy Award winner, creator of "Sport Science" and New York Times best-selling author of "The Perfection Point", hosts the series that brings the science behind each innovation to life. Tested both with and without the new apparel and footwear for consistency and accuracy, the performance of our Tour athletes captured in the series is closely measured and compared by highly advanced data capturing tools and is presented graphically through a series of unique and engaging videos – one for each of the six key technologies to be unveiled by adidas Golf throughout 2014.

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