Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sand Hill Publishing Announces the Launch of the TURF LIFE Website

(Winter Springs, FL) - Terrie Purdum, CEO and Publisher of Sand Hill Publishing and Public Relations, founded her publishing company in 1998 after years of representing numerous statewide lifestyle magazines in Florida. Terrie launched the first issue of Florida Golf Central Magazine in April 1999 which became the first and only monthly, glossy, travel and golf lifestyle magazine in Florida. Today, after 15 years, Florida Golf Central Magazine is well recognized in the Florida golf community and beyond.

Over the years, Terrie has walked her share of lush green fairways and developed a keen respect for the turf grass industry and the professionals who strive tirelessly to develop and maintain high-quality turf grass playing fields for every sports application. Hence, TURF LIFE was born (

There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes. Emphatically, there are more "players" on the fields than meets the eye. So, in honor of turf grass everywhere, TURF LIFE is Terrie's honorable salute to the recognition of this niche in the sports world and to unite all individuals involved who make this their way of life.

TURF LIFE is not just about the games we play or the jobs we do. It's more about a way of life we welcome on a daily basis. TURF LIFE is a unique bond of turf champions. It's the players that make it happen.

The applauded players include sports coaches and athletes everywhere who not only live and play the most competitive sports on turf grass playing fields, but who always put their best game forward toward victory every time. The unsung players include agronomists, superintendents, sod growers, landscape mowers, manufacturers' of turf equipment, and yes, even seed producers. These turf professionals strive tirelessly to develop and maintain high quality turf grass playing fields for every sports application.

Together, both players exhibit exceptional guts and grit every day. Whether they are in or on the field, they work hard to deliver entertaining and memorable performances that play high above the turf.

"Our mission is to unite turf grass industry 'players' and consumer sports players everywhere, who are all 'turf heads' because they live, work, play, and give through the sport they love," said Purdum. "Our main objective is to highlight their equal importance to each other a fans all over the globe. Both directly and indirectly, these turf champions have created dynamic turf legacies that are admired and endeared throughout sports history and halls of fame."

A portion of the sales from the promotional TURF LIFE decals will be donated to the Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF) specifically for turf grass development.

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