Friday, June 20, 2014

Renegar Golf Launches Rx14 Wedges Series

There’s no need for a 'grind' with the right design

(Brentwood, Tenn.) - Renegar Golf, the only manufacturer in golf focused solely on improving your short game, has launched its Rx14 wedge series, adding even more sophistication and innovation to the most advanced wedges on the market today.

“The Rx14 wedges deliver unmatched playability and versatility along with far greater accuracy than the wedges most consumers believe are the best available to them,” said Bob Renegar, Founder and Designer for Renegar Golf. “There’s not a golfer out there who won’t shoot lower scores with these wedges, thanks to our superior design and numerous unique features you can’t find in other clubs.”

The Rx14 wedges – like the Rx12 series launched two years ago – feature the utility-patented sole contour that delivers a more playable lower leading edge with more bounce, providing increased forgiveness and a higher and more rearward center of gravity for increased ball spin and better distance control. This unique sole contour also creates multiple steeper bounce surfaces to accommodate a variety of playing situations and produce better explosion shots from the sand.

The new innovations added to the Rx14 series improve every aspect of wedge play:
• A club head made from 304 stainless steel provides even better sound and feel at impact.
• Larger grooves with greater spacing on the club face improve spin and control while remaining within USGA limits.
• A slight revision squares the leading edge in the playing position and tightens its radius from top to bottom, making the wedges more playable in every short game situation.
• A lighter total club weight and a lower balance point improve distance control and feel.
• A softer and lighter Lamkin-Renegar wedge grip provides better feel and control.

In addition to these performance improvements, the Rx14 wedges are now also frequency-matched in production so each wedge has the same weight, balance, and length - giving the golfer more consistency from club to club.

The wedges are available now with a low-glare, nickel-chrome plated finish with a KBS Wedge steel shaft for $145 per club or in Black SQ finish with a DTS Tour Control graphite shaft for $165 per club.
A 46 degree wedge loft has been added to the Rx14 series, making the entire set eight wedges ranging from 46-60 degrees in loft.

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