Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Golf Simulator Leader, Full Swing Golf, Teams Up With Logicalgolf

(SAN DIEGO, CA) - San Diego-based golf simulator maker Full Swing Golf announced it has struck a global partnership with Germany-based Logicalgolf, a leading developer of golf training equipment.

"We're excited to enter this partnership with Robert Baker, who is the founder and creator of Logicalgolf," says Chad Coleman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Full Swing Golf. "Robert is one of the world's most renowned and forward-thinking golf instructors, and Logicalgolf's Gym Solutions offers the best golf fitness solution we've ever seen. It's an ideal complement to our simulator and Swing Catalyst offerings. Our customers can use our golf simulators and Swing Catalyst to identify common weaknesses, such as slow clubhead and ball speed, poor hip rotation, early hinge release or limited range of motion, and then turn to Logicalgolf's tools to improve flexibility, increase strength and groove perfect swing movements into muscle memory. The results of their fitness efforts can then be measured by using our simulators and Swing Catalyst. This combined package gives golfers everything they need to make lasting improvements in their game."

Baker, who helped train Ernie Els while he was the world's top-ranked golfer, says that his company's Gym Solutions golf training equipment is an ideal fit to Full Swing Golf. Logicalgolf has isolated the key golf swing movements and developed training equipment to help golfers perfect those movements and strengthen their muscle memory in these areas.

"We are thrilled about partnering Logicalgolf's Gym Solutions with Full Swing's Golf simulators," says Baker. "The Full Swing simulator allows you to measure the characteristics of every shot, and the Gym Solutions equipment allows you to train individual movements for the swing. Gym Solutions gives you the muscle memory and allows you to build an entire swing. You can take your improvements back to the simulator, measure yourself again, and see what you've developed. It's the perfect platform, and using them in combination with each other you'll be able to develop your perfect game."

For more details on Logicalgolf, visit http://www.logicalgolf. com/en/. For more information on Full Swing Golf, visit www.fullswinggolf.com

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