Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BOgolf launches new models upgrades

(Kwai Chung, Hong Kong) - BOGolf has upgraded all its old simulator models and given  every model a new name. The naming of the old models looked very dated as well  as caused confusion and hence the company felt the need to rename all its products and at the same time make it look very trendy as well as easy to remember.

The  new models have been named as BO-Element, BO-Elite and BO-Supra. The  “Element” is the basic system and “Supra” is the most feature rich system while  “Elite” is meant for intermediate players.

Anyone familiar with BOGolf knows that initially there were five models which were then reduced to three by adjusting the various features as per the demand of the  market. And now comes this change. With this change, not only the name but the features have also been added to each model to make it more useful and worthy.

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