Monday, June 30, 2014

Lightning Golf Introduces Two Unique Golf Balls that Demand Your Attention

(RELEASE) - Lightning Golf announced two golf balls which are sure to make a mark on the golf equipment market in the very near future. The HL3 SmackDaddy and the HL2 Volt are uniquely designed to offer golfers the distance and feel they need to improve their games and reach the next level. Each ball has been created with a specific player in mind – the HL3 for those with swing speeds over 92 MPH, and the HL2 for those under that mark.

The HL3 SmackDaddy
This is the ball for the player who already has a solid game and wants to take the next step – a step that they have been unable to take by using the same old golf balls found on shelves all over the country. The HL3 is a 3-layer golf ball with a urethane cover that offers the same kind of performance you would expect from a tour-level ball. A 318-dimple pattern helps give you that piercing ball flight we all want, yet it stills feels soft on and around the greens thanks to that urethane cover.

The HL2 Volt
Although it is designed for lower swing speed players, this isn’t a ‘rock’ that most beginning golfers are stuck playing with. The Volt has great playability because it still has a urethane cover like the HL3, but only has a two-layer design so it is easier to compress. Also, the HL2 has 332 dimples which allows for higher ball flight trajectory which helps golfers with lower swing speeds get every last yard possible. Instead of choosing between feel and distance as many beginners are forced to do, the Volt offers the best of both worlds.

Beyond offering two great golf balls for consumers to pick from, Lightning Golf also has another unique offering that is sure to be of interest to serious golfers – a subscription service. Instead of realizing too late that you are almost out of golf balls, Lightning Golf will deliver you a predetermined number of balls on a periodic basis (Either a dozen or a sleeve, available monthly or bi-monthly) so you are always well-stocked and ready to hit the links at a moment’s notice.

For golfers who are striving to reach their full potential, the HL2 Volt and HL3 SmackDaddy from Lightning Golf are golf balls that are changing the way players think and buy their golf balls. For more information or to place an order, visit

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