Friday, June 20, 2014

Golf Simulator Leader, Full Swing Golf, Returns to Summer X Games

(SAN DIEGO, CA) - San Diego-based golf simulator maker Full Swing Golf announced its return to the X Games, which took place June 5-8 in Austin, Texas. Featured in the Industry Lounge, the golf simulators were available exclusively to athletes, their guests and industry associates.

"Full Swing Golf is proud to support the X Games again in 2014 in Austin" says Chad Coleman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Full Swing Golf. "Top athletes, agents and VIPs enjoyed many hours of golf competition on our 86 championship courses, longest drive and closest-to-the-hole contests - all in the privacy of their exclusive Industry Lounge. These athletes are the best in the world in each of their sports, and they expect no less from our golf simulator. The Full Swing Golf Simulator amazes those that amaze us."

Officials say that past participants have actually requested Full Swing Golf's presence, as it helps them both relax and keep up their competitiveness -- even when they're not on the main stage. It's a welcome, brief escape from an adrenaline-filled week.

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