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Stay More, Play More, Talamore in North Carolina

Just minutes from the historic Village of Pinehurst, Talamore Golf Resort offers popular extended stay program

(SOUTHERN PINES, N.C.) — Imagine your golf ball rolling methodically toward the hole. Aided by a brush from a passing breeze, it continues on its way perhaps more fortuitously than your strike warranted. As if by magic, the ball trundles all the way to the lip and with one last nudge of gravity, slips over the edge before falling softly into the cup for an eagle.

Such is the beauty of golf: A game not to be rushed; instead, savored, one stroke, one hole, one round, one day at a time. Which is why, for ages, travelers have visited all corners of the globe to spend inordinate amounts of time, energy — and money — experiencing the game’s mystical appeal. Fortunately, golfers stateside have access to a far more affordable and expandable alternative experience of similar quality in the heart of America’s home of golf. This unbeatable bargain is the Talamore Resort “Extended Stay Program,” found only in the storied Sandhills of Pinehurst.

The name “Talamore,” of Gaelic origin and meaning “land of great value,” was first introduced to the Carolinas in the early 1990s with the construction of the Rees Jones-designed golf course at Talamore Golf Club. Years later, Talamore merged with the Arnold Palmer-designed course at the Mid South Club located across the street. Together, they form what is known today as the Talamore Golf Resort.

As the ultimate “out-of-town” membership for those looking for a place to spend a few weeks or even a few months, the Talamore Resort Extended Stay package provides unlimited access to incredible golf while enjoying luxurious golf villa or lodge accommodations.

The distinctly North Carolina Sandhills golf adventure found at Talamore has been a favorite for years by players from northern climates. Now it is reaching golf groups originating from regions far and wide.

Jill and Phil Stevenson are retirees from Creemore, Ontario, located just north of Toronto, Canada. They’ve been coming to Pinehurst for 25 years, mostly in shorter visits during November and April. This past winter, for the first time, they decided to stay for the duration of the season — January through March.

Because Talamore has been their target destination for the past 18 years, a long-term rental was as natural as dimples on a golf ball. “We’ve always been skiers, but we gave that up,” explains Jill Stevenson. “We also got tired of the snow. We’ve been coming to Talamore for so long, it feels like a second home to us. We enjoy the warmer weather and the golf.”

Though they have stayed in the newer and more spacious Mid South units, the Stevensons prefer lodging on the Talmore side of the resort, as it is closer to the two-mile hiking and biking trail that loops around Reservoir Lake. Their residence of choice is a middle-level, corner unit at Talamore as they are “nice and bright.” Their unit in 2013 overlooks Talamore’s 18th fairway.

Being leisure golfers, the Stevensons don’t always enroll in the golf membership program available to long-term renters. But when they do, says Jill: “We play Mid South and Talamore a lot to get the value of our dollar. When we don’t, we probably only play three times a week and like trying other courses around town [Talamore Resort] is a great place. We’ve looked around at other places, but since we’ve been coming here so long, it’s like a second home to us.”

Meanwhile for more than 20 years, Elfie Alexander — first with her late husband and, the past five years, by herself — visited North Carolina in week-long trips from Canada. Those trips eventually blossomed into months with long-term stays at Talamore Resort. 

“We started out windsurfing in Hatteras, but then decided to switch to golf,” says Elfie. “We saw an ad for Pinehurst and booked a golf vacation. The first time I drove along Midland Road I just said to him, ‘I never have to go anywhere else. It is so beautiful here.’”

Of course, curiosity got the best of the twosome and they decided to drive around to America’s hotspots just to see if there was anything better out there for them. In 2005, they loaded up their car in Ontario, Canada and headed back to Pinehurst in early December. From there they drove to Florida, across the state’s panhandle, to Alabama, Texas and Arizona – even the entire length of the California coast before retreating home across Canada.

“We put together a list of pros and cons of all the areas and there was nothing that equaled what we already had in Pinehurst,” says Elfie. “Although many areas were very nice, we really didn’t find anything that equaled the quality and quantity of golf in such close proximity that you find here. We liked the people and the lifestyle here. Everyone is very friendly and the accommodations are very consistent.”

According to Elfie, word about Talamore’s benefits have spread throughout her golf club back home – the Mad River Golf Club in Creemore.

“I’ve started the ball rolling and as many as 40 people come here now from my club,” claims Elfie, who can travel to the resort by car. “I continue to come here (from November through April save for three weeks back home in Canada at Christmas) because this is where I’m comfortable. This is my second home. That is one of the benefits of a long-term stay. All my friends are here; the restaurant owners know me, the store people know me, the resort folks know me. There’s really no reason to go anywhere else.”

As a more avid golfer, Elfie elects to partake in the golf membership program during her entire stay at Talamore.

“As a long-term renter, you get a better rate on golf fees,” she says. “I sign up for golf the entire time. I love having access to the private members lounge and the clubhouse. The ladies days are great. With the membership, I can make all the friendships and associations I want.”

For those interested in a long stay program at Talamore, here’s what you get when you sign up:

Lodging at a Talamore golf villa or Mid South Lodge includes local phone, cable TV and electricity so there are no monthly bills to pay.

Associate club membership privileges at both courses include unlimited greens fees including cart; playing privileges anytime Monday through Thursday; playing privileges after 11 am Friday through Sunday; tee time up to one week in advance.

This getaway offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the Pinehurst/Southern Pines area for an extended period of time with unlimited golf privileges.

Other Talamore Resort extended stay programs include:
Couples Getaway
This getaway offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the Pinehurst/Southern Pines area for an extended period of time with unlimited golf privileges.

Golf Widow/Widower Package
Perfect for the couple that has only one golfer. While the golfer enjoys a round of golf, the other can sit back and relax, or venture into town to enjoy the local flavor.

Favorite Foursome Package
Double the fun and bring four players to America’s golf mecca.

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