Thursday, November 21, 2013

ClubCrown Redefines Metal Wood Refinishing

Patented re-crowning process takes only 10 minutes

(NEW YORK CITY, NY) - ClubCrown by VIVE has been quickly gaining interest around the golf industry, for the way it refinishes driver, fairway wood and hybrid clubheads into looking both factory-fresh and customized.

This new refinishing process which utilizes high tech 3M films in conjunction with specialized equipment allows retailers to personalize driver, fairway wood and hybrid clubheads with a variety of popular and licensed designs and logos.

"Traditional paint refinishing is not a realistic option for the consumer, as quality jobs can cost more than $100 and take up to six weeks,"says Andrew Glaser, Founder and CEO of the company. "ClubCrowns cost only $39.99 and take just 10 minutes to install. ClubCrown is the only realistic in-house refinishing option for modern metal wood heads and we're proud to bring this incredible and innovative re-crowning option to the golf market."

The in-house refinishing concept isn't new. In fact, persimmon clubhead refinishing used to be a highly demanded service for golf retailers. Now golf retailers can bring that service back in-house for the first time in over 30 years.

"We've seen many people start out with a plain black or white refinish option on their driver," says Glaser. "Then as they become acquainted with the high quality and durability of our product, they come back and refinish their fairway woods and hybrids with more prominent and colorful designs."

ClubCrown is not just decorative, it truly helps with performance. After all, golfers swing with more confidence when their equipment looks brand new. ClubCrown is the best and most affordable way to accomplish this today. In fact, ClubCrown's matte solid and carbon fiber options are incredible re-crowning options that often look better than the original finish. All ClubCrowns fits seamlessly on clubheads. The quality is exceptional, and makes the club look as if it was painted by the manufacturer.

The company also teaches retailers how to use their simple tools and patented installation process, to install a ClubCrown in 10 minutes. The product has essentially the same high durability properties as the original club finish, and won't bubble, ripple or peel. It's removable by the consumer, and conforms with USGA Rules and the Rules of Golf.

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