Thursday, November 21, 2013

Improve Your Putting this Off-Season with a SPi Instructor or SPi Cyber Coach

An open letter from Ben Pellicani, Head Coach / SPi Instructor, Mike Bender Golf Academy

I have had the privilege of starting Cyber Coaching with a few students and the results are unbelievable! We suggest that the best way to learn is to receive a live lesson from one of our 300+ global SPi Instructors. However, we do understand and have heard from many of you because of work, family obligations, location, etc., you do not have time to pursue. SPi Cyber Coaching could be the answer for you.

The Cyber Coaching model is structured off of the coaching we do at the Mike Bender Golf Academy in conjunction with the SPi model and is a detailed system on how you can improve your putting.

Great Holiday Gift
This winter is a great time, even if you are isolated to indoor practice on your carpet to work on your technique. Their are a many aspects to your technique: setup, path of your stroke, aiming, face direction at impact and tempo. The Cyber lessons start with a few quick videos you send via a great app called Edufii. From there, your coach will breakdown the video and start administering drills for you to do.

Sometimes training aids are needed to help you, the student, to learn quicker but all of this can be indoors so you can start the season off with a technically sound stroke.  Once you are able to get outside all the other aspects of the game can be addressed like green reading, speed control and stat keeping.

SPi Cyber Coach was highlighted in [a recent] Golf Digest Stix Edition.

Why the Coaching Model Works
The hardest part about giving a one-hour lesson to a student is that you are hoping they retain all the information you taught them and they practice the drills correctly. That is why I love how the Cyber Coaching is setup. The student can send as many videos and comments to the coach to make sure everything is done correctly. Also, the coaching model creates a holistic approach to teaching, everything from setup to speed control to green reading can fit into a learnable philosophy that has been tested and proved to produce major champions.

If you have more information about SPi Cyber Coach - click HERE to contact.  I look forward to having the chance to help you make more putts.

Ben Pellicani

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