Monday, November 11, 2013

Product Review: TRUE Linkswear Sensei

Fun Fact: Ryan Moore won a PGA TOUR event in the TRUE sensei outsole the same day the Portland Marathon was run in the sensei. I lead with that to stress the comfort of this shoe.

As golfers, we know this:
* Whether you carry your bag, enlist the help of a caddy or take a cart, playing 18 holes of golf can be a strain on your body.
* The comfort of your feet is directly related to your legs and back.
* Stretching before a round is paramount, but then your body begins a four-hour battle.
* Midway through the back nine, we’re often drained - physically and mentally.

I would argue that the TRUE sensei will help with each of these concerns. Will they help you nestle in close to that pin tucked behind a bunker? Probably not. But they will help you feel your best as the round unfolds and your playing partners are beginning to succumb to the game’s wear and tear. While on the 15th tee, they begin to envision the pleasure of putting their feet up at the 19th hole. The spring in your step will carry you through all 18. Save the 19th hole for celebrating - not recuperating.

So how did TRUE make such a revolutionary product?

First, they started by looking at a human foot. While other companies tried making a dress shoe comfortable enough in which to play a round of golf, TRUE was building their shoes from scratch - from the foot to finish with natural motion in mind.

Next, cutting edge technologies and materials were incorporated to develop the ultimate outsole surface that increases both traction and flexibility, creating the most surface contact in golf.

They topped off the upper with high-quality materials, guaranteeing you’ll love what you feel, and your feet will thank you for choosing TRUE.

What makes this even more of a must-buy product is charity. This November, when you buy a pair of TRUE sensei, you are teaming up with Ryan Moore and TRUE to raise awareness and fund Prostate Cancer Research - as the company will donate a generous portion of the proceeds toward the cause. #RYMOvember. TRUE is working with official global charities by sending cash donations as well as donating TRUEs for fundraising events. Find out more about Movember and Prostate Cancer Foundation HERE and HERE.

Also, follow “RyMo” as he shaves his man-beard and posts pictures of the new stache on TRUE’s Facebook page.

Do your body a favor - buy the TRUE sensei. Your feet will thank you with each step.


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