Friday, November 15, 2013

Loudmouth Golf Launches Cart Bags

Loudmouth Golf and Molhimawk expand their product line with colorful cart bags

(Foster City, CA) - Loudmouth Golf and Molhimawk ("Molly-MOCK') Inc are excited to introduce their brand new line of stylish cart bags. The Loudmouth Cart Bag by Molhimawk measures 35" tall and features a single putter tube, 14-way top, and anti-slip rubber feet. The cart bags are currently available in some of Loudmouth's most popular patterns including Shagadelic White, Disco Balls Black, and Lightning Rod.

"The Loudmouth Molhimawk stand bags have been so successful that cart bags were the obvious next step. Customers have clamored for them - loudly," says Loudmouth Golf CEO, Larry Jackson. "We worked with Molhimawk to deliver a quality bag for the golfer who wants the ultimate in convenience, organization, functionality and of course likes to have fun."

"Molhimawk is proud to announce the launch of the Loudmouth cart bag. The cart bag comes equipped with an easy access putter well, rain hood and countless pockets to fit your iPhone, rain pants, GPS, and a pet python named Snuggles," says Molhimawk founder, Richard "Mitch" Mitchell. "More importantly, all bags are clothed in Woody's famous and sizzling Loudmouth prints - which are guaranteed to be the topic of conversation for several holes."

Loudmouth Golf also offers stand bags by Molhimawk. The stand bags come equipped with a one-of-a-kind Loudmouth hip pad, comfy straps, three roomy pockets, and an over-sized felted valuables pocket with a water resistant zipper.

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