Wednesday, February 20, 2013

COBRA PUMA GOLF Chooses TrackMan and TrackMan University

(Vedbæk, Denmark, and Carlsbad, Calif.) – TrackMan announced that COBRA PUMA GOLF has chosen TrackMan Technology and TrackMan University Certification for all of their sales representatives and technical representatives in the United States.

Bobby Flood, COBRA PUMA GOLF’s Manager of Consumer Connection, stated, “We chose TrackMan because we are serious about bringing golfers a more enjoyable experience. Trackman gives us the ability to put golfers into the best fitted clubs and best performing clubs for each individual player, allowing their game not only to improve, but also, to be more fun.”

COBRA PUMA GOLF sales representatives will also be using to send follow up reports to golfers who demo COBRA equipment and/or go through a COBRA fitting.  At the same time, will also enable COBRA R&D and marketing teams to utilize the growing ( database to support consumer testing and marketing research initiatives. further provides COBRA management the opportunity for continuous improvement and establishing best practices by reviewing the demo and fitting processes and results for all their sales representatives and tech reps in the field.  

Matt Frelich, TrackMan VP of Sales & Business Development, commented, “We are very pleased by the opportunity to support COBRA PUMA GOLF in this strategic initiative.  The best part for us is COBRA’s commitment to educating their entire sales team through TrackMan University. Not only will COBRA’s sales representatives and tech reps have the most accurate and reliable data available, but they will also gain the knowledge necessary through TrackMan University to optimize COBRA equipment for any player’s swing. The staff’s ability to properly analyze TrackMan’s data will allow them to efficiently fit golfers of all playing abilities.”

Bobby Flood continued, “During our evaluation of the various measurement technologies, it was also critical that our chosen system be easy to set up and use, allow golfers to hit from a large flexible teeing area, and not have any wires in the demo/fitting environment.  With TrackMan IIIe, we have a wireless system that reports data to your smartphone, iPad, or computer, has an integrated battery so absolutely no wires are present, allows golfers to hit anywhere from 6 to 20 feet in front of the machine, sends data to the cloud with one button click, and provides industry standard accuracy. In the end, once we weighed all the TrackMan benefits, the decision for TrackMan was an easy one.”

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