Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The A Position’s Majors Plus E-magazine Blasts Past 600,000 Circulation

(Portland, Ore.) – Golf Media Network and The A Position have surpassed 2013 projections for distribution of their popular Majors Plus Emagazine, reaching a guaranteed circulation of 620,000.

Distributed exclusively by more than 35 state and regional golf associations throughout the U.S. and Canada, the E-magazine is edited by James A. Frank and includes contributions by some of the best golf writers and videographers in the business. The new circulation figures make the E-magazine one of the largest golf publications in the world.  The E-magazine’s open rate also is among the highest in the industry at 30%.

Jeff Wallach, Executive Editor of The A Position and a managing partner of Golf Media network says, “Not only is our distribution list large, it’s one of the purest, cleanest lists in the industry—made up of serious golfers who have paid to join their golf associations.  They play golf often, travel for golf, purchase equipment, and want to read the work of great journalists writing about their game. What we started last year with a handful of associations has caught on quickly and we look forward to continuing to build the circulation. We’re grateful to our Association partners for their vision and confidence in partnering with us.”

This year The A Postion has added two new issues to accompany four that cover the major championships. An Equipment and Instruction issue will distribute March 4; and an issue covering Winter Travel and Holiday Gifts will go out November 1. The E-magazine and accompanying website (www.tourontap.com) contain lively photos, original artwork and video to deliver visual punch, plus a portfolio of unexpected stories by golf’s top journalists. Highlights of the first edition of 2013 include a video essay by renowned broadcaster Peter Kessler; early-season lessons and tips from PGA instructors Dodie Mazucca and Christopher Smith; reviews of the latest equipment by gearheads such as Steve Pike and Tom Harack; and a free-ranging podcast including several A Position experts.

Golf Media Network has recently added the Florida State Golf Association, the New York State Golf Association, the British Columbia Golf Association, and the Golf Association of Ontario as E-magazine partners.

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