Monday, February 18, 2013

Product Review: Players Towel

Your golf arsenal is loaded with the latest, greatest technology - from clubs and balls to shoes and even tees. Why stop there? Add the best towel in the business to your bag - Players Towel.

Leaning on input from tour caddies, tour players, top amateur players and even average high handicap golfers, Players Towel has evolved into a thin polyester microfiber towel with a unique weave pattern which holds more than 300 times its weight in water. The Players Towel microfiber technology picks up dirt and moisture, holding it in the cloth, resulting in cleaner, dryer surface and enhanced player performance.

What’s the bottom line? Keeping your hands drier and equipment cleaner is a sure-fire way to not give away valuable strokes throughout your round.

Reduce slipping:
Ken Venturi used to represent a grip company. In his commercials he gave a stat along the lines of slipping a fraction of an inch could send your ball 15+ yards off line. The same (and more) holds true for sweaty palms. When playing in a tight match, every stroke counts, but the strokes at the end of a long, hot round seem to matter most, when tension is running high. Don’t let sweaty palms derail your next match. Dry off with the Players Towel.

Dirty equipment:
Whether dirt is on the club face or ball, it will not allow contact to be flush. By wetting just a corner of a Players Towel, golfers can keep their equipment sparking clean from shot to shot. On wet, muddy days, the microfiber technology keeps the Players Towel relevant, while a standard cotton towel becomes useless once accumulating excessive mud and water.

You know a Players Towel will benefit your game, but you’re still not convinced about adding one to your bag? Make it your own and you’ll look like a tour pro, even if your game doesn’t stack up to the top golfers in the world. Choose the color of the towel and color of the border. Next, do you want a putter slit in the center? Last, but certainly not least, personalize it with your name, nickname or initials and pick a logo. Done ... and you have your very own, personalized Players Towel.

American Golfer Recommendation: You can debate who makes the best balls, drivers, wedges, etc., all day long. But when it comes to towels - there is no debate - Players Towel is by far the No. 1 towel on the market. Golfers who won’t settle for anything less than the best will choose Players Towel.

Log onto and start the process. Your personalized Players Towel can be shipped within 24 hours.


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