Tuesday, February 12, 2013

JustOne Golf Ups the Ante for the Ultimate Golf Experience

Innovative On-Course Game System Increases Rounds and Revenue

(West Palm Beach, FL)—JustOne Golf has launched the first-ever golf game system, which promises to make every round a memorable event for golfers. Now, forward thinking golf course owners can engage players at all skill levels in the excitement of winning significant money on every round, while increasing course loyalty and revenue.

JustOne Golf has invented a way to make the golf experience more rewarding, fun and exciting with its innovative, on-course game system that provides on-demand competitive skill challenges such as hole-in-one and flagstick games.  Golfers playing JustOne have the opportunity to win substantial cash prizes with just one swing and have the achievement memorialized on high definition video immediately following the shot.

“The idea for JustOne came to me at a charity golf event.  I noticed all of the excitement at the tournament was around the hole-in-one contest,” explains JustOne CEO Steven Rattner. “The natural camaraderie around this one hole continued into the club house and throughout the evening.  I thought there must be a way to put this level of passion and entertainment into every round of golf for every player.  And, that’s just what we did.”

Never before has there been a game system that aligns with the personal motivations of the golfer to have fun, compete and to be entertained.

JustOne’s system enhances the golf experience, attracts more play at participating courses and injects excitement into every round of play.  It includes high definition video cameras and a kiosk positioned on a par-3 hole.  The JustOne system is easy to install, maintain and use and, importantly, it blends in with the aesthetics of the golf course and does not slow play.  The game gives golfers the chance to win up to $100,000, while providing courses with additional revenue - a winning formula.

Golf course operators derive multiple revenue streams from partnering with JustOne Golf, in addition to the media coverage from a hole-in-one and increased rounds driven by customer enthusiasm for and enjoyment of the JustOne game.

Just One’s game system has been enjoyed through thousands of rounds of play at several golf courses in 2012 with excellent results.

“JustOne is the most important addition to our golf course in the last five years,” says Chris Cupit, owner of Rivermont  Golf & Country Club in Atlanta, GA. “We already had our first hole-in-one winner.  The check presentation party in the clubhouse was one of the most exciting events all year.”

JustOne handles all insurance and winner payouts for the courses.

“We anticipate that JustOne Golf will become a popular fixture at golf clubs as demand continues to grow,” explains Rattner. “Eventually, we expect the cash prizes to increase to
$1 million or more.”

For more information about JustOne Golf, visit www.justonegolf.com.

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Anonymous said...

I work at a course in Georgia that has Justone Golf. Nothing the company promised has come to fruition. It is a pain in the but to install as they have to dig to get power to the kiosk and cameras and we haven't made any money off it because almost no golfers buy it.

This company is shady. They claimed they came up with this idea and it is a first of its kind. My buddy works at another course in Atlanta and said it is a poor mans copy of Charitee Golf which they have had for three years. We have also come to learn that the CEO of this company is very shady as well. Google him and you will read all about his shady past.