Thursday, February 14, 2013

Loudmouth Golf Releases Special Edition Mustache Pants for the Mustache Open

Golfing with a mustache ... It's just plain funner!

(Foster City, CA) - Mustache enthusiasts get ready, Loudmouth Golf has launched their brand new mustache pants. Specially designed for The Mustache Open, the pants feature several iconic staches including the "Handlebar," the "Professor," and the "Carnie." They are limited edition and available for men and women in a variety of styles including pants, shorts, mini-shorts, and sport coats.

Clifton S. Waterbury III founded the Mustache Open in 1999 and hosts several two-man scramble golf tournaments annually. This year, tournaments will be held in Scottsdale AZ, Lincoln NE, Orlando FL, and Los Angeles CA. Each mustachioed competitor has a chance to showcase their skills and their stache to qualify for a free trip to Las Vegas to play in the Tournament of Champions. The winning two-man team will be crowned The Mustache Open Champions and be presented with the coveted Mustache Open Leisure Robes.

"The Mustache Open is synonymous with Loudmouth's fun and loud apparel, so partnering with them was a natural fit for us," says The Mustache Open founder, Clifton S. Waterbury III. "We can't wait to see fans and competitors sport staches on their face and on their pants," adds Waterbury.

"Mustaches compliment any Loudmouth outfit," says Loudmouth Golf CEO, Larry Jackson. "Whether you're sporting the Tycoon or Gunslinger, be sure to get your mustache and swing in shape, because this competition is bound to get hairy."

Loudmouth Golf pants are made in 97% cotton and 3% spandex and come in a variety of sizes and styles for men and women.

Mustache admirers do not have to play in the tournament to purchase the pants. They are currently available at in the shop section.


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