Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Unboxing a Goofy Gopher from Groovy Guy Gifts

Groovy Guy Gifts has everything the guy in your life could want. Today, we unboxed a Goofy Gopher headcover. This not only differentiates your golf bag from the plethora of bags at the bag stand, it also provides an extra layer of security. If someone with bad intentions is patrolling the club while you're enjoying the 19th hole, a headcover from Groovy Guy Gifts hides what you're packing. It could be a $500 PXG driver or something from the bargain bin at Play It Again Sports!

It's not just the Goofy Gopher, either. Groovy Guy Gifts offers Tiger's famous Tiger, a Moose, Zombie, John Daly's Lion and more.

Want a putter cover? Groovy Guy Gifts has those, too.

It's not just golf. Groovy Guy Gifts sells wallets, drinkware, knives, baseball bats, etc ... and they can all be personalized!

To learn more, click HERE.

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