Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Bag Boy Celebrates National Walking Day

— The Bag Boy Company is encouraging golfers around the country to take part in the upcoming 14th annual National Walking Day.

Taking place on April 7th, National Walking Day is a way for the public to come together and highlight the many health benefits that walking brings. In addition to promoting heart health, walking even just 30 minutes a day improves circulation, strengthens bones and muscles, promotes weight loss and helps to prevent age-related memory decline.

With the substantial health benefits that walking brings, Bag Boy wants to help golfers everywhere implement more walking into their daily routines. One of the easiest ways golfers can do this is through walking the course.

Made exclusively for the walking golfer, Bag Boy offers a variety of 3-wheel and 4-wheel push cart options. Leading the way as Bag Boy’s most popular push cart, the revolutionary Nitron push cart’s one-step auto-open technology makes it the easiest opening and closing cart in golf.  The 4-wheel Quad XL is another popular push cart option, featuring a compact fold size and easy two-step open/fold.

To further encourage healthy walking habits, Bag Boy recently introduced its Tracker push cart accessory. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, the Bag Boy Tracker app allows you to connect your mobile device to Bag Boy’s Tracker accessory.  While walking with your push cart, the app accurately records your time, distance and calories burned through one convenient display screen.

“The benefits that walking the course brings are immeasurable,” said Perry Hilbert, Sales Manager at Bag Boy. “We hope our push carts and Tracker accessory will help golfers to create long-lasting, healthy habits on the course.”

For more information on Bag Boy’s push carts and accessories, visit www.bagboy.com or call 1-800-955-2269 for more details.

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