Thursday, March 4, 2021

San Gorgonio Golf Course Credits their Water Conservation to AquaFuse

The world-class green piping system AquaFuse is a major contributor to water conservation

(CHULA VISTA, CA) – AquaFuse by CMF Global, Inc., a world leader in revolutionizing (HDPE) piping products which improves golf course performance and water efficiency, proudly announces that their HDPE irrigation systems are being installed at the San Gorgonio Golf Course, the Mountain Vista Golf Club’s second golf course in the Sun City Palm Desert Community.

Mountain Vista Golf Club features two 18-hole championship golf courses, the Santa Rosa, and the San Gorgonio. Each named for the majestic mountains that surround the courses. In 2017 the Santa Rosa was renovated and modernized with a new irrigation system, designed by Brent Harvey Consulting, Inc. who specified the world-class AquaFuse HDPE irrigation products.

According to Tyler Truman, superintendent of both golf courses and surrounding parks, “The Santa Rosa renovation is a total and complete success on multiple levels. The golf course conditions are pristine, something our golfers greatly appreciate and is very, difficult to achieve with the hot desert weather. In addition, the golf course is more efficient with its water and electric usage. Both utility bills have been reduced by up to 14%.”

AquaFuse proprietary HDPE irrigation systems are heat fused during the installation process which creates one monolithic unit, completely seamless. This eradicates and guarantees no water leakage and because there are no metal fittings, no rust is seeping back into the environment.

“We strive to improve the conditions of a golf course, above and below. This focus is at the cornerstone of the company but our efforts for conservation and sustainability are important and ongoing. Why waste a natural resource?” said Executive Vice President, Joseph Fernandez. “In most cases a pin sized water leak eventually erodes on PVC pipe or metal fittings which leads to substantial underground leaks that force pumps to continuously cycle. That is a waste of water and electricity.”

An integral component of the San Gorgonio Golf Course irrigation renovation is the AquaFuse High-Performance ControlFlo 360 Ball Valve. The company’s flagship valve which continues to be the front-runner in the golf course irrigation business.

The ControlFlo 360 Ball Valve, referred to as the 360 Valve, is highly specified by golf course architects, irrigation designers, and superintendents for new golf courses as well as renovations. In addition, it is used in both Landscape and Agriculture applications. The valve was designed specifically to eliminate “water hammer” and to be “100% corrosion resistant”.

“I can’t say enough about the 360 Valve. The ease of control is unbelievable! Even when I have the water pressure on maximum, I can close it with my hand. I had it installed on the Santa Rosa Golf Course and I knew we had to include it here at San Gorgonio,” added Truman.

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