Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Walker Trolleys Announces Strategic Investment by No Laying Up to Grow Brand, Promote Walking Golf

(AUSTIN, Texas) – Walker Trolleys – a walking golf lifestyle brand and maker of classically designed push carts – has received a minority equity investment from ProTraj Holdings LLC, the parent company of alternative golf brand No Laying Up (NLU), to help it expand its brand and reach new walking golfers.

“The No Laying Up team visited our booth at the PGA Merchandise Show earlier this year and immediately understood our mission of tapping into the tradition and history of the game to create a stylish push cart that advances walking golf,” says Brad Payne, CEO of Walker Trolleys. “The partnership provides resources we can leverage to grow the Walker Trolley brand and we look forward to exploring these opportunities over the next few years.”

NLU has become the voice of the “new golf media” reaching hundreds of thousands of golfers via its wildly popular YouTube channel, featuring such popular series as “Tourist Sauce” and “Strapped,” engaging and humorous social media platforms, and always entertaining and insightful podcasts.

“This is a new frontier for us, but given our history and love of walking golf, a partnership with Walker Trolleys was an ideal fit,” says NLU Co-Founder Chris Solomon. “We love and use the product and the opportunity to help grow the Walker Trolley brand so early in the company’s history is a no-brainer.”

Adds NLU Co-Founder Neil Schuster: “It’s refreshing to see Walker Trolleys rethink the design, style, and function of the golf push cart, and NLU is excited to help them encourage golfers across the U.S. to walk the course more often."

Walker Trolleys’ flagship Cape model has been designated the official push cart of NLU’s “Push Cart Mafia,” an ever-growing group of walking golf enthusiasts who are making “push carts cool again.”  Push Cart Mafia apparel featuring the Walker Trolley silhouette is available for purchase in the NLU Pro Shop.

Walker Trolleys is off to a scorching start to 2020, selling 90% of the first production run of its Cape model through pre-order and immediately launching a second run to replenish inventory and fulfill orders. The investment made by NLU will help continue to fuel this strong early growth.

The Cape retails for $399 and is available to order at Walker Trolleys’ online store and will generally ship in 1-2 days. For more information on Walker Trolleys, or to join the walking golf movement, visit any of the links below.

Website: www.walkertrolleys.com
Instagram: @walkertrolleys
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WalkerTrolleys/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/walkertrolleys

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