Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Stix Golf Launches with Set of All-Black Premium Golf Clubs

Direct-to-Consumer Model and Modern Aesthetics Disrupt the Traditional Business Model and Look of the Sport, Making Golf More Accessible and Appealing to a Broader, Diverse Group of People

(CHICAGO) — The sport of golf conjures up a similar image for many, but modern is not often that image, and the same can be said when it comes to golf equipment. Stix Golf is ready to shake up that conversation with the launch of their 12-piece complete set of all-black clubs. Stix challenges the current culture of over-priced equipment by making modern golf clubs at a fair price. The company's design ethos disrupts the traditional look of a golfer, ushering in a minimalist aesthetic, while still providing premium hardware that performs well. Stix's complete set retails for $799, with free shipping and 30-day no-hassle return policy. Stix clubs, hats, and polo shirts are available at

Stix offers its products direct-to-consumer, which allows the company to pass along their savings to the consumer,  making Stix an appealing option as either an upgrade or first-time purchase. The reasonable mid-range price point also makes golf accessible to a more diverse group of individuals by providing comparable performance to other leading golf manufacturers. The high-quality clubs are made with precision finishes and premium materials, including titanium, stainless steel, and graphite.

The aesthetic of Stix clubs lacks the often distracting appearance of other clubs, with their elegant black-on-black finish and its minimalist design appeals to consumers that want clubs to reflect their modern and streamlined style. By removing the "noise" found in other club designs, the result is hardware that feels good and performs well. Golfers play better when they feel better, contributing to a lower handicap and increasing their performance.

"At the core of all our values is the desire to provide amazing equipment for the modern golfer seeking minimalist designs and high-quality products," said Gabriel Coyne, co-founder and CEO of Stix Golf. "We want to continually transform the golf experience into something that reflects the consumer's personal style. Every facet of our company—our team, our process, and our products —has been designed to accomplish that mission. We are proud to bring our unique approach to all players of the game."

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