Wednesday, September 9, 2020

MindTRAK Golf & Veteran Tour Player Nick O’Hern Announce Ambassador Relationship

(KELOWNA, BC, CANADA) - MindTRAK Golf Inc., a comprehensive mental-game training system for golfers, including the innovative MindTRAK Golf mobile app, is pleased to announce an Ambassador and Advisory relationship with retired Australian professional golfer Nick O’Hern. O’Hern’s best-selling book, Tour Mentality: Inside the Mind of a Tour Pro has been critically acclaimed among his playing peers and shares similar core tenets and goals with the MindTRAK Golf protocol. O’Hern now sits on MindTRAK Golf’s Golf Advisory Board.

Developed and tested in competition by former PGA TOUR winner Richard “Dick” Zokol, MindTRAK’s founder and CEO, and a team of business, IT and golf experts, MindTRAK Golf ingrains techniques that strengthen attentional focus to optimize performance on the golf course. With MindTRAK, golfers of any skill level or aspiration can sharpen their ability to perform well under pressure by eliminating the negative and chaotic mental and emotional habits Zokol says can lead to “Golf Insanity” for many players. Training a healthy mindset is at the core of the MindTRAK method.

O’Hern played more than 20 years on the PGA TOUR, European Tour and the PGA Tour of Australasia, where he won the Order of Merit in 2006. O’Hern’s distinguished professional playing career included six professional wins worldwide and the high-profile distinction as the only player to beat Tiger Wood twice in the WGC Accenture World Match Play Championship.

“Golfers are fascinated in what went on in Nick’s mind and how he beat Tiger on two occasions.  Nick gives explanation in his book, offering clarity to his mindset in one of the biggest championships in professional golf,” said Zokol. “It is extraordinary that Nick and I, two golf professionals who had never met, came up with such a similar method to optimize mental performance on the golf course. Once we saw how complementary Nick’s approach with Tour Mentality was with our own protocol and application, we knew it made complete sense to collaborate. Nick is having tremendous success teaching and mentoring others in the Tour Mentally method. I am delighted with our relationship and its potential to help golfers of any ability level.”

mentoring-by-nick-ohern.jpgToday, O’Hern is devoted to sharing his experiences at the game’s highest level to help other golfers, professionals and amateurs alike, improve their mental approach as well as their full-swing and short game technique, practice structure, course strategy and scoring. With uniquely qualifications and a personal approach, O’Hern conducts Half-Day and Full-Day Mentor Sessions and 18-Hole Playing Lessons. He has also designed a full-day Tour Mentality Workshop to help golfers learn how to “think, practice and play to your potential every time you step on the course.”

A gifted communicator, O’Hern is a regular contributor to Australian Golf Digest and hosts exclusive golf experiences for corporate and private clients where he shares his personal experiences along with pearls of wisdom from Tour Mentality.

“The mental game was my biggest strength as a golfer, and after chatting with Dick a few years ago about his MindTRAK method, I realized our philosophies are very much the same.  I’m extremely passionate about helping golfers with the mental and strategic sides of golf and the MindTRAK app is an ideal platform for this. I’m excited to be an ambassador for MindTRAK Golf and help grow the game I love,” O’Hern adds.

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