Thursday, May 30, 2019

This Father’s Day Hide Dad’s Sweaty Backside with Camouflage SwampButt Underwear

Butt stains known as dari-angels can be a thing of the past …

(RELEASE) – Father’s Day is Sunday June 16, 2019, the heart of summer vacation time, which is also the hottest, most humid season of the year. The people at SwampButt Underwear ( know all too well that families from all over the USA will pack the car/truck/suv/van/leaf and visit one or several of the country’s many places to take it easy for a week or two. But even the best planned and executed family outing can be marred when dad’s wet bottom sticks to the car seat, restaurant booth seat, bar stool, amusement park ride, public bench or the ‘dad chair’ at the bargain mall. Worse still, those wet butts leave stains in the shape of your father’s buttocks. Known as ‘dari-angels’ these stains brand the seat, sitter, and his relatives as yucky to be around. No one needs that, but help is available.

Discounted Dryness

The makers of SwampButt Underwear realize that 1) most men are blissfully unaware of their swamp butt, 2) those who are aware seem not to care, 3) the other members of the family or anyone in the travel party care deeply and prefer not to attract this type of negative attention.

This is why SwampButt Underwear is offering a 25% discount on all sizes of its camouflage men’s underwear just in time for Father’s Day. With the discount, family members and concerned friends can give a garment that quickly wicks away and helps dry sweat before it has a chance to soak through those khaki shorts that are part of the official ‘dad wardrobe’ every summer.

Use the coupon code dad to realize the discount. The discount is only available for the camouflage SwampButt Underwear and good through June 16, 2019.

Camouflage Wetness with Camouflage Underwear

The idea of hiding an otherwise soaking wet man-butt with sweat wicking underwear that was made with camouflage fabric seemed like the makings of a really amusing promotion. “Everyone thought that ‘camouflage with camouflage’ was the start of a pretty funny bit,” said corporate spokesman and frequent vacationer Nick Heraldson. “We envisioned a way to really use language and plays on words to help us make the point about what we were offering and for whom. But like so many ‘good ideas’, there was not much substance left after the idea was accepted. We had a deadline though so we went with what we had and went home.”

How It Works

SwampButt Underwear Made in the USA garments are made from 83% polyester and 17% Spandex. The leg openings and waist bands are larger and more forgiving than the original offering the company made. “More Spandex means more stretchier,” Heraldson pointed out. The fabric is also made to prevent odors accompanied by the overheated butt-crack.

Bad-odors tend to get into fabrics and stay there. No amount of washing, scrubbing or beating underpants on rocks will remove the stench born of butt sweat and worse. To combat the presence of this bouquet of stink, the new SwampButt Performance Made in the USA garments are also made with ‘Microblok’ technology to prevent stinky drawers, or from the latin; ubi foetidum.

MicroBlok inhibits the growth of bacteria on treated surfaces of products, greatly reducing stains, odors, and product deterioration. According to the people who make it, ‘the MicroBlok product line inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, molds, yeasts and other microbes on treated surfaces of products, greatly reducing stains, odors and product deterioration. MicroBlok has undergone rigorous laboratory testing. These tests measure the inhibition of bacteria, fungi, molds and other microbes on the tested plastic substrates. It’s an ideal inhibitor for use in products subject to high humidity such as those intended for kitchen and bath environments as well as outdoor uses including furniture, decking and yes underwear. Additional product uses include sponges, bath mats, wire and cable insulation, plastic gloves, scrub brushes and footwear.’ “if there is a warmer or more humid place than a fat guys’ butt crack, I don’t want to know about it,” Heraldson declared.

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