Wednesday, May 15, 2019

ADV3NTURE Backpack Launched on Kickstarter

Backpack has 23+ features including two coolers, a drop-and-go feature, hard sunglass case, airflow foam back and security pockets.

(RELEASE) — The ADV3NTURE Backpack is more than a backpack with two coolers! This is a premium quality backpack first, with all of the features you’ve come to expect, and much more. You’ll wonder how you’ve lived without it.

- Drop & Go feature; backpack separates into two bags, so you can drop & go and adapt to your travel needs;
- Two security pockets (hidden and secure against your back);
- Two, triple-insulated coolers to keep food & drinks warm or cold;
- Hard-shell sunglass case;
- Corrugated AIRFLOW foam to keep your back cool; and
- The lightest travel backpack you can buy.

ADV3NTURE produces premium, high-quality travel gear. They love traveling and exploring and understand that the right hoodie, jacket or backpack can make all the difference. ADV3NTURE uses manufacturers that are environmentally friendly, use no animal products in anything they make, and plant three trees with every purchase.

ADV3NTURE launches new products on Kickstarter to give their backers the opportunity to pay less, get free shipping in the United States (and discounted shipping around the world), and receive their Adv3nture products before anyone else.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to e-mail them at

The small pack is the perfect day pack. It's perfect as an everyday bag, as well as for day hikes or exploring. It doesn't like being called "small" because (as it points out) it can hold six cans, four sandwiches, four energy bars, a water bottle, sunglasses, wallet, lip balm, car keys, and cell phone at the same time. Sorry little, buddy ... I mean, Sorry, buddy.

This pack weighs just over a pound (1.2 lbs to be exact) and has been field-tested by moms, dads, and kids while commuting, golfing, hiking, and going to school. What will YOU use it for?

The BIG PACK has twice the capacity of the small bag. While it has similar features, there are more pockets, a dedicated padded sleeve for your laptop, and a slew of incredibly useful innovations.

The Two-Pack offers incredible versatility. They can be worn together or shared with a friend (to share the load) or used separately for different occasions. The bags attach in about 5-seconds (Although the record among the Adv3nture staff is 3.2 seconds. Well done, Erica!).

When combined, the Two-Pack has a 45-Liter capacity, 14 accessible external pockets, and two coolers that can carry a total of 14 cans. The reason we tell our capacity in "cans" is so you have a relatable unit of measurement, because we all know how big a six-pack is. But, there are so many more things you can put in the coolers besides cans. Because the coolers are insulated, you could even (are you ready for this?) put warm items in one cooler and cold items in the other cooler. #mindblown
There are five connections points to attach the small pack with the BIG PACK:
- Locking YKK Zipper - This YKK self-repairing nylon zipper secures the bags together.
- Dorsal Clip - Gives additional support to the zipper
- Gravity Clips - Located on each side, the gravity clips support most of the load of the bags. They also lock in place, to offer more security.
- Ventral Clips - This clip is shared with the cooler. When the the two bags are attached, the clip supports the cooler and offers stability to the attached bags.
- Cooler Clips - Three separate clips reinforce the zippered cooler in the big bag.

Both packs, including the Two-Pack when they are combined, have 360° Reflectivity. That means that there are reflective features on all sides, including the waterproof zippers.

When ADV3NTURE hits certain milestones, it enables them to meet their minimum order quantities with manufacturing partners, which allows them to add color choices.

When ADV3NTURE hits their first stretch goal of $500K, they will unlock the GREY option, which is a deep charcoal color.

When they hit their second stretch goal of $1M, ADV3NTURE will unlock the GREEN option, which is a deep olive green color. It's beautiful!

When ADV3NTURE hits these goals, consumers will have the options of three color choices (BLACK, GREY, GREEN) when filling out their survey, which will be e-mailed at the end of the campaign.

At Adv3nture, they make innovative products for travel + everyday. While they like to have fun, as you can see by their videos, they are serious about making premium, high-quality products with features that you will use and innovations that you wonder how you lived without.

Adv3nture launched with the Adventure Hoodie in 2016, which raised more than $1.8M and effectively kickstarted the Adv3nture brand. Founded by Zane Lamprey and his wife, Mel, in 2015, the company is now made up of a great team of individuals with experience in product design, environmental sustainability, and digital media.

ADV3NTURE is passionate about making premium apparel and accessories with innovations to make traveling a better experience. They are equally passionate about the environment, sustainability and green initiatives. ADV3NTURE plants three trees with every item purchased from their store, and this Kickstarter campaign. They use no animal products in their gear and welcome you to join our community and join us at one of their plantings (and the parties that follow)!

Like all of our products, with a pre-order here, ADV3NTURE will plant three trees in your honor. Since they started, ADV3NTURE has planted 59,322 trees.

Zane, the founder, has a profound respect and passion for trees and the environment.

ADV3NTURE works with Green Forests Work, who have planted more than 2,492,359 trees with the help of 16,892 volunteers since they started in 2009. Even if you choose not to back this campaign, ADV3NTURE would still love for you to join them on one of our plantings around the U.S. By choosing the $3 option, they will add you to their newsletter and plant three trees in your honor.

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