Monday, May 20, 2019

New NextLinks “Smart Green” Brings Scalable Solution to Fun-Based Golf Gaming Platform

(Santa Ana, Calif.) – NextLinks, one of the leaders in technology-driven golf entertainment is proud to introduce the NextLinks Smart Green, a synthetic putting green installation available to golf courses, entertainment complexes, community centers, bars and restaurants that showcases the engaging power of the company’s innovative software-and-laser-light-driven putting games.

The first NextLinks putting-games installation at Indian Wells Golf Resort in Palm Springs, Calif., part of the famed resort’s innovative “Shots in the Night” attraction, has been a runaway success, helping drive a nighttime golf program that has already exceeded original revenue projections. Now, NextLinks CEO Dave Shultz is prepared to bring a scalable version of the Indian Wells project to country clubs, golf courses and businesses desiring a “TopGolf-like” experience on their property footprint without undertaking a huge investment in real-estate acreage or construction.

“Indian Wells was amazing in that they had us install our laser-light-driven putting games (like Darts, Shuffleboard, Corn Hole and Around the World) on their entire nine-hole putting course, but the beauty of the Smart Green system is that we can set up the same putting-games system on a green as small as 576 square feet and still have more than 3,000 unique playing points,” says Shultz. “That means a golf course with an unused meeting space or an entertainment venue looking to offer their clientele golf entertainment at an attractive entry point can have that highly-engaging golf attraction for a price that let’s them recoup ROI quickly because it can accommodate six to eight players at a time in half-hour increments. We’ve also created a fast-paced game called ‘Race Around the World’ that is capable including 40 participants per hour.”

NextLinks proprietary software projects colored laser images on to the green to act as teeboxes, targets, gameboards and scoring zones while also acting a traffic control system that enables an optimal number of players to use the green at the same time. Golfers pay by the half hour to play, positioning the host venue to monetize the use of a space that perhaps sat empty or unused. The indoor nature of a NextLinks Smart Green means NextLinks venues can earn golf-related revenue even after the golf course has accepted its last tee time of the day.

“The built-in Management software helps operators monitor multiple zones on the green simultaneously allow for easy check in/check out, time management and even facilitating food and beverage ordering,” says Shultz. “Above all, the Smart Green is a scalable concept and the designs can be customized and sized to fit the needs and goals of any facility operator who knows making golf fun and accessible for all ages and skill levels is a useful way to boost revenues.”

In a golf industry eager for projects that grow participation as well as the bottom line, NextLinks is poised to grow into one of the game’s most dynamic influencers and catalysts for growth. Shultz was recently awarded a utility patent from the United States Patent Office for his software gaming and laser-light technology that seamlessly blends simulator play with short game and putting on pre-existing or realistic synthetic greens custom-built for the locations where they’re installed.

“We’re all about solutions that bring golf to the masses in a non-intimidating, fun environment. Putting is the great equalizer. Small kids and granddads can putt and have the same amount of fun as a scratch golfer on a NextLinks Smart Green. We’re using technology to unite the next generation of serious golfers, and we’re giving them the entry point that gets them hooked and doesn’t have too steep of a skill curve. We believe that’s how you effectively drive REAL participation.”

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