Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Product Review: Lamkin Grips

I vaguely remember a commercial from my youth stressing the importance of replacing grips on your golf clubs. If memory serves, the math behind the advertisement was alarming … If your grip slips even a fraction of an inch, your ball could easily fly 20+ yards off line. That quote was butchered, I’m sure, but the message resonates with me to this day.

Sonar Tour
Three words: Change. Your. Grips. 

When Lamkin sent a sampling to the office, we hosted (and posted) an unboxing video. Check it out HERE.

Lamkin offers a complete line of grips – for every club in your bag. We checked out the Sonar Tour and Sonar Wrap grips for irons and woods, as well as several putter grips.

The Sonar Tour ($8.99) boasts Lamkin’s Fingerprint Technology and feature a consistent micro-texture pattern that provides slip-resistant control and omni-directional grip traction. The GENESIS material has a slightly firmer durometer (hardness scale) for enhanced torsion control. The Sonar Tour grips offer a classic taper shape — providing a more traditional feel and the finishing process preserves the grip's super tacky surface, which extends the life.

The Sonar Wrap ($7.99) also offer Lamkin’s Fingerprint Technology and a consistent micro-texture pattern. The GENESIS material that is slightly softer than traditional rubbers, but with exceptional durability. Progressive skive dimensions (splitting or cutting, as leather, into layers or slices) based on grip size provides improved feed and fit versus traditional wrap-style grips. Unlike the Tour version, the Wrap features a straighter reduced-taper profile with a slightly larger lower hand, which promotes lighter grip pressure for greater consistency and control.

Sonar Wrap
Personally, I’m a traditionalist. I prefer blades over mallets and can’t fathom the thought of single-length irons. That said, there’s something unique about the reduced-taper grips that really appeals to me. The greater the taper, the greater chance your lower hand becomes dominant. I’ve pulled enough iron shots to know how bad that can be.

When it comes to putter grips, Lamkin has a wide variety from which to choose. There’s the traditional Deep-Etched ($8.99) and Deep-Etched Full-Cord ($9.99) putter grips, followed by the more modern SINK Fit Skinny Pistol Rubber ($17.99) and SINK Fit Pistol Polyurethane ($19.99) putter grips. Rounding out the options are the SINK Fit Straight Rubber ($19.99) and SINK Fit Straight Polyurethane ($19.99). Pick your poison and start making putts!

Like everything else in golf, grips are very personal. One thing that can’t be dismissed as subjective, however, is the importance of playing with “fresh” grips. Worn grips aren’t good for any golfer and any time. Log onto and take the test to determine which grip is best for you.


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