Friday, January 30, 2015

Extensive Athletic Tests Find Stable 26 Socks Significantly Improve Lateral Stability for Athletes

(RELEASE) – Performance Sock Technology companyStable 26 is changing the landscape of golf performance – one foot at a time. Alongside leading expert in biomedical analysis Jay Dicharry, the “better fit for better performance” brand conducted a variety of data-centric, unbiased athletic tests to illustrate the importance of proper stability through the foot. Conducted on 24 elite athletes at a controlled Biomechanics Lab in Bend, Oregon, the results found Stable 26 socks significantly improve stability in the foot (6-10% in women; 9-15% in men), thus optimizing performance. Past research has shown that an athlete’s increased stability reduces the risk of injury.

Having worked with countless elite athletes – including Professional Golfer Ernie Els, Ottawa Senators Captain Erik Karlsson, and American Track and Field star Alexis Love – Stable 26 understands how injuries come about, and the importance of wearing quality footgear to reduce potential foot trauma. For golfers, poor stance stability taxes the body with each step through deceleration and acceleration forces acting from front to back, greatly increasing the risk of developing a debilitating injury. As such, ensuring proper stability through the foot helps golfers to prevent the risk of developing serious injuries.

To test the effects of Stable 26, Physical Therapist, Board-Certified Sports Clinical Specialist, researcher, teacher, and coach Jay Dicharry welcomed 24 athletes (12 male, 12 female) to his REP Biomechanics Lab in Bend, Oregon, where the ‘Anatomy for Runners’ author put them through a series of treadmill tests with over 20 different parameters related to gait. Dicharry collected baseline data by instructing athletes to first wear regular running shoes and socks while running at a relatively high intensity on a controlled treadmill. To measure stability, he then replaced each athlete’s socks with Stable 26 technology and conducted the same treadmill tests. Overwhelming, the unbiased quantitative results found no negative impact from wearing Stable 26 socks, and significant improvement in athletes’ lateral stability (6-10% in woman; 9-15% in men).

“For golfers, stability is a key factor in ensuring a consistent, steady swing. If unstable, the constant swing motion can be extremely taxing on the body – both mentally and physically,” said Dicharry. “Through unbiased analysis, we found Stable 26 socks improve lateral stability, which greatly decreases the risk of injury for golfers. As an active coach, I would recommend Stable 26 socks to all golfers – elite or otherwise. The results speak for themselves.”

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