Thursday, March 13, 2014

Learn to Putt from Your Office or Home

Do not have time to make it for a putting lesson on the golf course? Receive a SPi Cyber Coach from a SPi Certified Instructor.

SPi has partnered with to give you the most complete cyber coaching experience. 40% of your strokes during a round of golf are used by a putter. Our SPi Cyber Coach wants to help you improve your putting. Join the SeeMore Elite program that will give you putting information 24/7 from your very own SPi Cyber Coach.

Edufii is a sports training application that focuses on the strengthening the relationship between athlete and coach during their time apart. It's a great way for athletes to focus on areas where they can improve their game while coaches can use it to review their athlete's progress. A truly new and innovative way for athletes to continue improving their game in between practices and away from their coaches, Edufii is on track to becoming an incredibly valuable tool for all looking to elevate their skill to the next level.

Watch the video HERE.

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